Tuesday, June 24, 2008


While in Provincetown, we were kidnapped/adopted by Manuel, one of the locals, who made it his civic duty to ensure that we had a good time.

A lot of walking ensued.

In the process of all that walking, though, we saw a side of Provincetown that the tourists don't see - and only part of it was a seedy underbelly.

I really think that we got so much more of an experience out of it this way, and we came home with a new BFF.

We're already talking about heading back out in the fall to hang out with him again.

Thanks for taking us under your wing.


Jennifer said...

I love that pic of him with the PBR in the cemetary.

fineartist said...

He's cute, and you kids are radiant.

I wanna hang with you too, which translates to I'm a jealous old cow. Heh.