Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today's Cooking Lesson, AKA You wanna know where you can shove this can of beer?

I like cooking, and I like to think I'm decent at it. I do alright in the kitchen (Nicole is the real gourmet there), but the grill is where I excel.

Last week, Mike and Paprika came over for dinner, and Nicole had a cold, so I made it all by myself! We had roast chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, potato salad, and biscuits. Granted, the sides were all deli, and the biscuits were Pilsbury dough, but it's the chicken I'm most proud of.

I made a Beer Can Chicken.

If you've never had one, there is nothing as tender and juicy as a beer can chicken on the the grill. And it's really easy, too. The concept is simple; take a chicken, shove an open beer can up its bum, and the beer will steam the bird from the inside out.

So first you shove the can in his bum and stand him up. I have a fancy rack that my friend gave me, but you can improvise. Then I put a rub on the bird. I use Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning, which incidentally I got as a gift from the same friend who gave me the rack. I also shove an onion in the neckhole to keep the steam in.

Next I put him waaaay down in the grill surrounded by hot coals (but not too many). I put him on a pie pan to prevent a grease fire and keep him off the grate. You can use tinfoil. Cover the grill up tight, and throw a few more coals in about every half hour.

After about an hour and a half, the bird looks like this. As long as you weren't using too many coals, the skin will be crispy but not burnt.

The only sad part is that you must now throw out the beer, so make sure this isn't your last one before you sit down for dinner!

Bon appetit!


stray_thoughts said...

That looks like one tasty bird, and I see you used the Champagne of Beers as well. Nice job...and nice placement of the monkies wearing fez salt & pepper shakers.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Maybe I WOULD like to go out this way. With a beer can shoved up my a$$.
Tom wants to know if you open the can before shoving it in.
Actually, he wants to know what happens if you don't.

alpharat said...

I would imagine it would slowly build up pressure until it resulted in a jet-propelled chicken carcass being launched into suborbital space. Kind of cool when you think about it.

stray_thoughts said...

LOL...And they say chickens can't fly.

Jennifer said...

This is great -- I mean that is one succulent looking bird, but it's always the background details I get such a kick out of when you post pics of home. The fez-sportin' monkey shakers I understand, but citrus scented Softsoap? Way too republican. I'm putting punk soap on your Christmas list. You've got an image to maintain.

BTW, Oberon season is officially underway. Get thee north for a cold one!

Anonymous said...

looks YUMMY!!!

btw - didja use a lite beer? or something with some flava??

alpharat said...

I used champagne... the champagne of beers!

stray_thoughts said...

That's Miller High Life for anybody who hasn't read the label before...that was the first beer I ever drank...stolen from my parent's basement 'fridge.

stray_thoughts said...

Not that particular beer that's up the Chicken's Wazoo, mind you...more accurately, Miller High Life was the first kind of beer that I drank.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

(Stray Thoughts--smiling)

My first beer was Budweiser. Snuck sips whenever my Dad's college buddies popped in with a cooler full of the stuff.
Just so ya know.

To this day, you can't top a cold bud on a hot summer day for me. I guess you never really get over your first.

stray_thoughts said...

I remember my dad gave me a sip of Budweiser out of the can once as a kid (I don't know if I remember it b/c the taste horrified me or b/c it was the only beer I ever saw my dad drink) but, to this day, I shy away from Bud.

A good wheat beer (Oberon, Hacker-Pshorr, Franziskaner) as a hot summer day is winding down is ideal. I'll drink any beer in a pinch though.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Me, too, except the one stuck in that chicken's ass!

Paprika said...

for the record, it was soooo tasty! props to alpharat for his primo abilities on a charcoal grill, something i'm far, far away from mastering. i think that was the best BBQ i've had all year. at least, it will be until the BBQ he makes this weekend!