Monday, May 08, 2006

The Subhumans Live - AKA A Blogged Thank-You Note

A really cool part about the new gig is that I get to go to a lot of cool shows. Writing about something like a concert is odd, simply because you are taking an aural and visual experience and translating it to the literary.

Really, it's hard to capture the experience of a concert unless you have a really good photographer working with you. I do.

It's even harder to capture the feeling of a raucous punk concert unless your photographer is willing to wade into the pit and force her way to the front of the stage. My photographer is.

It also helps at a punk show if your photographer has someone who's willing to get her back, and isn't afraid to shove or punch someone much bigger than her. This is where Paprika comes in.

This post is not to promote my site so much, but to say thanks to both Nicole and Paprika. You guys do tons for me, especially when it comes to shooting shows. You do so much for me that I am willing to take the occasional mouthful of beer to the face.

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Paprika said...

aaahh beer in the face. i think that this show kinda set me up for that attitude. you know, beat up some jagoffs, throw away someone's hoodie, push a guy off the wall, elbow pit people in the chest when they went for the camera... beer in the face. see? makes perfect sense to me now!