Friday, May 19, 2006

The Land of The Scots. And the Scotch.

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet, but my birthday is coming up. We're going to Scotland! I know European travel for birthdays seems to be a trend in my household, but seriously it's not (although I wouldn't mind that).

It's pure coincidence that this trip happens to fall on my birthday. We're traveling to Scotland to attend the wedding of Mike and Paprika. The castle in the photo is where we're staying. It's called Stonefield Castle. I've never stayed in a castle before, but I am really looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to Scooby-Doo-style chases in and out of bedroom doors as we all run from a creep ghost that turns out to be the owner of the haunted amusement park/jewel thief who "would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids." I think that's a requirement for a castle stay.

I'm also looking forward to being warmly, pleasantly drunk on Scotch.

I love it when my friends get married. Nicole and I were the first out of our gang to tie the knot, so I feel a big sense of "Welcome to the club" when my friends decide to take that step.

There's just something amazing about it. It's different somehow, it changes you somehow. There is a level of commitment you have with someone, then an engagement does take it to the next level, but the morning after the wedding, when you wake up an realize you're married? Nothing like it. It's a sense of permanence. Security.

It's nice.

So at any rate, that's where I'll be in a few weeks. I'll put the mail on hold, so if you're sending me cash in observance of the magical occurrence that was my birth, feel free to do so (personal checks, money orders or well-concealed cash), and it will be delivered upon my return.


stray_thoughts said...

Congrats to Mike & Paprika (she's my favorite spice)...hopefully I'll join that "club" too someday...enjoy the castle stay...I hope Phyllis Diller happens to be staying at the haunted castle too...or better yet, The Globetrotters! (cue theme music)
(Don Knotts would've been my first choice, but unfortunately he passed away recently...R.I.P. Don Knotts.)

...ok, that's a first choice really would've been Batman & Robin...sorry Don.

Jennifer said...

You'll be driving through Loch Lomond on the A83 -- gorgeous drive. I'm jealous. I also hope your castle is well appointed with state of the art potties as opposed to those nasty latrine closets they had in Dirlton Castle.

Your musings on marriage are touching.

You crazy kids, have a great time, and don't forget the camera!

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

First: So you're a Gemini? Aha!

Second: Very nice. I'm sure you and Nicole inspired your friends to take the plunge.
Congratulations to Mike and Paprika, though I am a bit sad that she'll no longer be available (or will she?)

Third: Scotland! Woo Hoo!! Can you ask one of those ghosts to give you genealogical information on the Zillian clan?

Fourth: (for Stray Thoughts) I have a younger sister. She's a Gemini. So's Jamoker, but he's already married. Just saying, you'd make a great BIL.

Fifth: Globe Trotters? Don Knotts died!?! Batman and Robin?


stray_thoughts said...

writer mom...
4th...I didn't know you had a sister?! Thanks for the BIL comment, you & Tom would be a great IL's too, and being uncle stray_thoughts would be awesome...

5th...I went off on a tangent there with Alpha's Scooby-Doo reference but they were all guest stars on Scooby-Doo...and yes, Don Knotts passed away.

alpharat said...

Here's a picture of WM's sister.

She's the only girl in the band.

Paprika said...

wait, it's permanent? aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

stray_thoughts said... I remember wm saying at some point that her sister was a rock star...she's beautiful, and exuding rock star attitude...I'm officially intimidated...

fineartist said...

Paprika cracks me up...rot row.

Have a safe enjoyable trip, and a stellar birthday.

May your friends be so close that when one of them cries the other tastes salt…