Monday, May 08, 2006

Constantly getting older...

I've fallen a bit behind on my blogging here, due to my duties on my new site. That being said, Eric, the lead singer of helvetica, is moving to Chicago, and he made me promise to keep this thing up. So, where should we begin?

Since writermom was perusing my flickr photos, she asked about this guy:

This is my nephew. He went to his Senior Prom last week.

When Nicole and I started dating back in college,this kid was like three or four. He was a cute kid, too; I don't what went wrong there.

For years, Nicole and I have been to cool aunt and uncle, for his birthday, we'd take him to the Warped Tour. We would expose him to all of the great music we could, and do other "cool aunt and uncle things" like letting him drink four Mountain Dews at our house before taking him home, taking him to the drive in until 2 am.

Now he's getting ready to go to college. I hope we did enough that some of the coolness rubbed off. A little bit at least.

The last boy on the right has been friends with my nephew forever. I remember stuffing him the trunk of Nicole's sister's car. They still have the car in question - he wouldn't fit in the trunk now if I tried.

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