Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rockstar Sis

Originally uploaded by Life in the Pumpkin Shell
This is not my Rockstar Sis, it's Ange's, but I wanted to give props to both RSS and Ange.

It's not easy to shoot a drummer. Well, I guess it would be as easy to shoot a drummer as it would be to shoot anyone else with a large caliber weapon, but it's not easy to take photos of a drummer. TFN will attest to that.

First off, drummers are afforded some sort of instantaneous protection by their kit. Hi-hats block their faces from view, which is sometimes for the best, as a drummer in a really intense song often gets the look of a deranged psychopath on their face. That can frighten the kids.

Second, your typical club has a stage that puts the drummer immediately behind the rest of the band, so a photog must finagle to get shots of the drummer.

At any rate, I saw these photos, and thought of the old song "Hillbilly Drummer Girl" by Young Fresh Fellows.

"She came down from the Ozarks
To the big city Memphis world
She's a legend and a landmark
Hillbilly drummer girl."

Not that RSS is a hillbilly, but its the only chick drummer song I know.

You can see all of Ange's Rockstar Sister photos here, and RSS's band, Chemcoma, is located on the MizzleSpizzle here.


Jennifer said...

Well done, son. Spread a little sizzleshizzle, I always say.

fineartist said...

Well right on Rock star sister!

We had a local band and the drummer played up front, standing, and he sang a lot of the songs too. It was cool as hell.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

You're the best.

Plus, it helps when your sister buys you three beers, then says, "If you don't get up on stage and take my picture, I will kick your ass."

Please tell TFN I want to shoot with her sometime. I need to watch the master at work if this is going to be my new gig--Chemcoma photog--will work for beer.
(I'm so easy.)

I mentioned you're the best, right?

alpharat said...

It's OK, TFN works for beer, too.