Friday, April 18, 2008

Twin High-Maintenance Machines

As is the case with all too many of my posts as of late, let's begin with a song of significance to me. This is The Mountain Goats...

The first time I heard this song was at a solo performance by the lead singer at the Magic Stick. TFN and I were both unemployed, and had been for a while. We were really splurging on a show and a few beers, because I'd always wanted to see him. The chorus really struck home.

Since then, the chorus is line we often invoke, whether things are bad or really good, but very chaotic, which is the case right now. Case in point:

  1. Read By Dawn comes out next month.
  2. TFN has her first solo exhibition in Detroit next month.
  3. I may be going to Ireland next month.
  4. TFN was accepted to an art exhibition on Cape Cod in June. We will be attending.
  5. Breast Fest 3 is also in June. 

This is a series of a few weeks here. All great things, but the type of things that leave one physically, mentally and emotionally wrecked... I'll make it though.

Speaking of wreckage, Mr. Shane woke me up at around 4 this morning. He was pacing around the house, whining and crying. He didn't want to go out, didn't want food, and REALLY didn't want me to go back to bed. I sat up most of the night, well I slept sitting up next to a nervous dog most of the night.

This morning, I found out we had an earthquake last night - just before the dog woke me up. It actually hit by Chicago, but could still be felt here.

My dog doesn't like earthquakes. I apparently sleep through them. 

Things are back to normal though, he was passed out in his bed when I left for work.

So, we have the final two bands for Breast Fest now. First up is Jesus and the Devil. They are based in Chicago, but sound like a combo of the Stooges, the MC5, and a host of other Detroit greats.

Toxic Shock Syndrome
Originally uploaded by alpharat
The opener is a band that I'm really excited about as well. We saw them open up for Girl In A Coma last week, and they are buckets of awesome. The band is called Toxic Shock Syndrome, and it's composed of four women who know how to rock, and so they do so in a snotty, raunchy way. They play songs like "Kill Yourself," "Fuck Your Life" and "Fuck The Government." It's pure punk rock, and even purer fun.

So, that's the state of things at the moment. I should be back in touch in a few days, when I adjust to the speed things are spinning at right now.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Dates again for Breastfest?

I'm gonna try and make it with my sis.

And, can I have your dog?? Earthquakes make me really nervous, too. We can sit on the couch and lick ourselves side-by-side until we've calmed ourselves down.

fineartist said...

I understand where you are coming from right now, me too I feel my mind and body trying to catch up with everything that's going on around me but it aint happening.

Sounds like you have a lot of good stress though, still stressful but good, and that makes me smile.

What a watch dog ya got there, poor little nervous pup muffin.

Jennifer said...

You should just adopt Ange already. She's irresistibly cute when she licks herself. Not that I've seen it or imagined it or even thought about it -- it's just a known fact: Ange licking herself = irresistibly cute.

HEY! I bought PINK gardening gloves this weekend! The kind that sends 10% to SGK! I'm keeping my hands CLEAN and SOFT while helping BREASTS!!!

Not as cool as Ange licking herself, but it's all I got.