Sunday, April 20, 2008


More Mountain Goats Lyrics:

In the cold clear light of day down here everyone's a monster

That's cool with all of us - we've been past the point of help since early April

It was a beautiful weekend; temperatures were in the 70's, and the trails are finally ready for us to take our bikes out - in fact that's what we planned to do all weekend.

That is, until the CDC showed up and declared our home a biohazard and placed us under quarantine.

Or to put it more accurately, until we woke up Saturday morning to discover our eyes were... I'll spare you the gross details and simply tell you the diagnosis is pink eye. We ventured out long enough to get to an urgent care clinic, where we were diagnosed, sent home and told to stay away from others until Monday morning.

When we walk out in the sunlight we tell every we know it hurts our eyes
When the real reason we don't like it is that it makes us wonder if we're dying.

Our first really nice weekend, and we're fricking ebola threats. Fortunately, we have enough supplies to last until we're released - just in time to go back to work. Actually we're doing very well, I've got babybacks in the oven because I've got the time for slow cooking. In fact, I've got a lot of time.

Then again, it's not like I've managed to get anything done with my time at home, though, because I am also too exhausted from just being sick to do much more than sleep and watch movies. In fact, I will sign off now. Just know that the seclusion has not been self-imposed.

Yeah we're all here, chewing our tongues off, waiting for the fever to break.

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Jennifer said...

Pink eye?



It's okay with me, son, if you ... you know ... have red eyes for another reason, as long as you save some butter pecan ice cream for me.

Not the case? No? You're sure?

Leave it to the two of you to pull out all the stops for breast cancer research.

10% of the cost of the urgent care visit and ten percent percent of the cost of the eye drops go to SGK, right?

I'm so proud of you both. We should all have eyes for breasts!

I'm very proud of you.