Monday, April 28, 2008

Karma for the Car-ma

Let it be noted that I did my good deed for the day early this morning, so I am therefore excused from being nice the rest of the day.

I arrived at the office, and it was raining. As I walked across the parking lot, I saw a coworker's car with its lights on. I walked back to my car (in the rain, did I mention?), and got a pen and piece of paper. I then wrote down the license plate and turned it in at the front desk.

Somebody will be able to get home without complication tonight.

The cold rain is a stark contrast to the weekend's weather. We were able to get out on the bike trail Saturday and Sunday, logging about 20 trail miles. It's going to be a good season; surprisingly, I have not lost as much stamina as in years past. I also have a fun little helmet cam that TFN got me for Christmas this year. I'm looking forward to sharing a Rat's eye view with you as the summer progresses.

This weekend we also went to the roller derby, where we were able to watch the Motor City Disassembly Line (with our very own Paprika as a blocker - although she goes under a different name on the court) thoroughly trounce the Killamazoo Derby Darlins by something like 80 points. It was a very satisfactory weekend.

I replaced my hazardous water bottle with a BPA-free bottle this weekend as well, so I will be safe from BPA, and will use this bottle until it's declared hazardous. At this point, I have consumed about 36 ounces of water from the bottle with no immediate ill effects. I'll keep you posted.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

I made frozen orange juice this week. We'd been buying bottled orange juice for quite some time because I guess it got too tiring to pour water into frozen concentrate and stir. I remembered how fun it was as a kid to make orange juice (from a frozen tube)--and thought, "Now I know where the water comes from, save money on water, spare a plastic container and the earth, spend some quality time with the kids making juice."

Opened the tubes and flecks of undoubtedly leadened cardboard were floating on top of the juice. I was digging it off, then said to myself, "F*ck it. If it's death by orange juice cardboard tube paint flecks, then that's how it's gonna be."

I'm so tired of everything killing me. And tired of every boy diagnosed with something by the time he's 5. And tired of people telling me I had trouble forgiving because I don't go to their church, "But SOMEDAY (sweet voice) you'll understand that anger only hurts YOU inside..." and all that bullshit.

I'm in a really pissy mood about a lot of stupid people...and I really wish I had a helmet cam, because I think THAT would make everything tolerable.

Hurry up with the footage!

(Maybe I should take up roller derby. Is there an Indy team?)

Jennifer said...


How many hours does the card hold?

I wanna get you a BIGGER card!

You MUST do "24 Hours, Through the Eyes of Alpharat." YouTube is DYING for this!

The WORLD is DYING for this!

So glad your estrogen receptors are being afforded an opportunity to recover. Why does glass have to be so heavy???

alpharat said...

Ange, there is an Indie team, they're the Naptown Roller Girls -

Z - 24 hours in the helmet cam would, unfortunately, require the wearing of the helmet as well. That would mess up my hair!

fineartist said...

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! On the messed up hair comment.

Marci said...

Yay for you and your good deed! I hope that person was MOST appreciative.

I really do have to buy a better water bottle... who knows what's already floating around in my body. Ewwwww.....

Love your blog!