Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spreading the good word...

From the gospel:

"And then in the heavens there appeared a white light and a thundering sound.
And with a mighty roar there descended many monkeys astride glowing two-wheeled beasts.
And the monkeys were angry.
And the boy was afraid.

And one monkey who stood in front of all other monkeys said unto the boy, 'Be not afraid, for though we are angry, we are also monkey, and no harm shall come to you. We bring you joyous tidings, for we are here as monkeys to rock your world.'

And there was much rejoicing, and much rocking of the world.
And much wine flowed, and while the monkeys were angry, they were just and never mean. And the world loved the monkeys, even when they said that one thing. It wasn't very nice, but the monkeys were drunk and they're sorry. There was no call for that."

From The Book of the Church of the Rotating Mass

Thanks to Writer Mom and family for helping to preach the Good Word!


stray_thoughts said...

Your theories intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter...

Writer Mon & her family are awesome and they look great in their new T-shirts. Thanks again.

...but who's the "one monkey who stood in front of all other monkeys"...I hope that's you b/c I don't do public speaking. I'm not to bad at the rejoicing and the rocking of the world, as long as the wine is flowing, but that means I was probably the monkey who got drunk and said that one thing...sorry about that...

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

I would like to study this Book of the Church of Rotating Mass.

And is there a congregation near Indy? You don't have to ride a mountain bike to join, do you?
Do you get beer at communion?
Do we join a commune?
So Jamoker and I will be in the TC area around the 3rd of July. I'm sure you already know the route for the next big race, but just thought I'd mention. We're meeting Zilla, by the way.

Jennifer said...


A brand new SAT question for you:

Oban before wine, all is fine; wine before Oban, all is ______?

Under the dome of silence:

((((Jamoker was smokin'-hot in 2006, but I broke up with him because MacGyver got jealous. Plus, Cara? She has sharp teeth!))))