Monday, June 05, 2006

Down To Days Of Freedom...

So in a few hours we leave for Scotland for the impending nuptuals of Mike and Paprika. In keeping with tradition, Saturday night was the night for the debauchery known as the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

The concept of the bachelor and bachelorette party is apparently to allow the couple to go out for one more night of freedom, to enjoy all of those things that they enjoyed while single, but apparently won't be able to do once they are married.

First off, then, this implies that many guys really enjoy going to strip clubs. Second, it implies that fun ends at marriage. This is why I don't understand the deal entirely, but it's also why we don't follow convention.

First off, we did not take Mike to a strip club. We took him out drinking and to see some bands. It's what I did for my bachelor party; I mean seriously, does anyone actually like to go see strippers? Don't bother answering, I don't really want to know.

Second, as the parties coincided, and we are all friends, we actually ended up at the same place as the ladies a few times. It was fun.

We started the evening at the Planet Ant, because Mike actually was playing a set there. This is us starting Mike slowly with some beer. He had to play, so we were taking it easy.

O.K. beer was the drink of choice for the earlier part of the evening. How is it? It's OK! (We wrote about 400 different scripts for commercials for this in about 12 minutes - this is why I work in advertising.)

Later on, we ended up at the Belmont. This is where we started putting the hurt on Mike, and in the interest of friendship, no photos exist.

This is a photo of the bathroom at the Belmont where, I'm pleased to report, the posters for the benefit are up! I am getting really excited about this. Also, I'd like to point out that the Belmont has the cleanest bathrooms of any Detroit bar.

After the Belmont, we all ended up at a Karaoke bar, where Paprika was on stage in rare form, where she did a medley of songs, including "Welcome To The Jungle" and...

"Stand By Your Man"...

And "Like A Virgin"...
We then took the lovely couple home and deposited them on their front porch. They later confessed to having rather hazy recollections of this. This is good. We did our jobs well.

Here's to the happy couple, and to a good time in Scotland... right Paprika?



fineartist said...

These pictures are hysterical, the epitome of fun.

Wish I could see the ones you chose not to show.

fineartist said...
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