Friday, June 23, 2006

My Birthday

I spent my birthday in Oban. It's a nice little town, populated by fisherman and rugby players.

Mmmmmmmm... I had Oysters for breakfast, from this little stand. They were unbelievably fresh, but there was something missing. Last night (over oysters), Nicole was finally able to point out what it was; it was the first time we'd had oysters without beer. They go good together.

These were some of the temporary residents of the seafood stand. The stand was run by a young lady who, according to Paprika's brother, was the "hottest fishmonger ever". I wonder what the competition is like for that title?

We also went to the Oban distillary. Oban is my favorite Scotch, for sentimental as well as epicurious reasons. Oban is the smallest distillery in Scotland, so not a lot of people have heard of it. In college, there was a place called the Corner Bar that served it, and that's where we developed a taste for it. We also got a bottle of it as a wedding gift. I felt like I was making a pilgrimage to the distillery.

And I nearly cried tears of pure joy when I saw this:

I bought an extra-special bottle of it to bring home. It was a good birthday.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Happy Birthday!!

Oysters for breakfast! Oye. I have trouble getting down runny eggs.
I hope you're saving that bottle for a special occasion.
(You already drank it, didn't you?)

alpharat said...

No, it hasn't been cracked yet. We are definitely saving it for a special occasion, like Tuesday.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!

And happy Tuesday!