Friday, August 29, 2008

Stuff the Bible forgot to mention...

I don't often dwell on issues of theology, because I think religion is a personal thing. Your views are, for the most part, your business, and I don't want to hear about them. Then again, as with most things, issues of theology worth discussing will occasionally come up, especially in current issues, or as I pointed out in a previous post, when I hear something I want to share.

The Spam folder of my email, however, is not a place one typically finds theological items of interest.

The Spam folder of my email is a dark place, filled with offers for pharmaceutical items and cash from deposed African politicians. Today, however, a glance in that dank place yielded this little tidbit - the subject line from an email from a bold theologian who obviously is looking out for my spiritual and physical well-being:

Men with big penises go to heaven!

Who knew that was how it worked? This was something they definitely left out of my catechism classes.


Jennifer said...

As a former catechist, I could be made to kneel on a bed of raw rice for revealing certain facts, but I feel duty-bound to tell the truth. So, it is under threat of certain punishment that I reveal to you, that in seminary, we lay ministers were advised to leave the penises, and all matters pertaining to the penises, unexplored, unexplained, and unexpounded upon. After two full years of penisless religious educating, I discovered my breaking point, decided to leave the Church, and became a Girl Scout leader.

The Girl Scouts weren't much fun, either.

beckyboop said...

My husband must be in heaven! I thought he would be there because he was a good man.

fineartist said...

Ah Becky Ann I knew it. Heh.

Alpha you just crack me up, I'll see you in Heaven, right?