Friday, August 15, 2008

Sticking the Landing

I have to admit, we’re hooked on the Olympics. They are on whenever we’re home, and every time we go out, we go to a place where we can watch them. That’s why I was particularly upset by this news story.

Whether it’s Phelps, or the gymnasts, or beach volleyball, or whatever, there’s something way cool and exciting about watching the best of the best come together to compete for recognition for themselves and their country.

And it’s the only time you get to yell “Stick the landing!” at the television.

It’s Dream Cruise time in Detroit; that means hundreds of classic cars and up to a million spectators will descend upon Detroit to drive up and down Woodward. This all takes place a few blocks from my house. Ordinarily, we resign ourselves to the fact that we will not be driving. This year, we’re getting out of town for a few days, heading to a remote outpost somewhere not too far from Zillaville, where there will be porchsitting and cocktail drinking.

At least that’s all I’ll get to do. TFN and Coder will be riding.

I unfortunately am in charge of managing a nice set of busted ribs that I was given as a gift at the Tree Farm Relay a few weeks ago. I endoed and Supermanned (went over the handlebars and shot forward for those unfamiliar with the vernacular), smacking my ribs on the bars hard enough to break off a gear display and then smacking them again on the ground.

I did not stick the landing.

Riding is a pain, laughing is a pain, lying down is even a pain.

Sitting and sipping cocktails is, however, not a pain.

The unfortunate (or fortunate? Who knows?) aspect is that Ophelia will be in attendance as well. Ophelia has the uncanny ability to ensure that a strong drink is in your hand at all times. It’s like a super power, and she only uses it for evil. I’m glad we’re on the same side. My liver is not.

Oh, and Ophelia does not bike, so she will be my porch companion while the others are riding.

Hijinks will occur.

Oh yeah, in regards to that link, I Rickrolled ya. It wasn’t apropos of nothing, though, it was because I wanted to mention that last night I figured out a way to Rickroll somebody in real time. It involves going to Karaoke bar, and signing them up to sing “Never Gonna Give You Up” without their knowledge. It’s fun for everyone.

See you all in a few. Until I get back, remember to keep on sticking that landing.

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Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Mend well!

Another good use for alcohol. Fuses bones and repairs flesh.

(Gets a lot of people laid, too)

Thanks for the music.
The bartender was my favorite.