Friday, August 08, 2008

Mayor on a leash...

So they're sending Kwame home, on a tether this time. I think this is the beginning of the end for Detroit's self-proclaimed Hip-hop Mayor.

As soon as his hearing was over, Michigan attorney general announced that he is filing felony assault charges on Kwame, too. They are going to make arrangements for him to be arraigned, and Cox said the trial will take place in 90 days.

If Kwame gets nailed for shoving a police officer, then that's it. He faces up to 2 years or $2,000 for each of the two charges (and he'll probably just pay fines), but in my opinion that's the inconsequential part of it.

The fact is, if convicted of a felony, Detroit's charter says he's out. He can no longer be mayor.

And that's what the city needs right now.

For him to be out.

It was funny, when Cox was asked how he felt about the fact that, if convicted, the mayor must step down, he made an almost imperceptible smirk, before going on to state that he was simply preventing the facts of the case, and that he had no control over the wording of the city's charter.

But if you were watching, I think his expression told a lot more than his words.

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Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Can't wait for the Law and Order version.