Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We're praying that the taps will keep the holy water flowing...

Eight inches of snow last night. Eight inches on the walk. Eight inches in the driveway. Eight inches on the porch. Eight inches everywhere, EXCEPT for the three-foot snowdrift that had blown and piled between the two cars in the driveway.

That’s what I shoveled this morning.

I also used a giant push broom to clean off the cars.

Then, there’s the driving out here. The roads are bad, and will continue to get worse because the county is out of salt for the year. That’s it, there’s a salt shortage, and that’s one of the dumber things I’ve ever heard.

I wish I could blog about more than the snow and the weather. I’d like to blog about biking, and bikes. I’d like to tell you about the sweet ‘70s neighborhood cruiser bike that I just bartered for from a friend (price? A fifth of bourbon and a vintage punk rock pin), but the truth is, I haven’t even been able to visit the bike, because it’s snowed in!

So, yeah it’s all about snow. Snow and music. Tomorrow night we’re going out with Yoda to see NOFX.

Here’s some NOFX. It’s actually a song about being snowed in at a bar, which is where I’d rather be snowed in than anywhere else. Yep, snow and punk rock.

Sorry if the religious symbolism offended you, but if you can’t handle that sort of humor, odds are this is the first time you’ve visited this site.

Yoda’s one I’ve not mentioned before. He’s our spiritual leader/bike guru rolled into one. He taught us to mountain bike, and continues to supply guidance. We call him Yoda for that matter, despite the fact that he’s well over six feet tall, long-haired, bearded and tattooed. He’s really more of a Qui-Gon Jinn, but that’s more of a mouthful than Yoda.

It’s a rarity to see him in the winter. He, like the rest of us, hibernates all winter. We usually won’t see him from, say November to April. No bikes, no Yoda. It takes something rare like an appearance from NOFX to bring us all together when there’s snow on the ground.

I love NOFX. Their singer, Fat Mike, is the biggest jerk in the world, but somehow he makes it work. He’s a drunken idiot, yet strangely charismatic. I worship the guy, yet I can’t figure out why I relate to him so… no comments please.

He’s also the guy behind some amazing political movements. He’s the guy behind Punk Voter, an organization created to mobilize American punk rock youth into a political force, by signing them up to vote and informing them of the issues. He put out the Rock Against Bush albums, and basically has tried to get an apathetic youth motivated to do their share.

On a side note, it will probably never happen. You won’t be able to get the American teen population politically motivated unless the draft is reinstated - which the government knows, and won’t do. Instead, they’ve instituted the Stop-Loss Policy, which says that the government can send its soldiers back whenever they want, even after they've fulfilled their commitment.

Which they’ve made a film about. I saw the trailer before Juno, and I want to see this. It’s about time stuff like this is getting said.

Sorry about that political segue. I honestly didn’t see it coming.

Must be snow blindness.


Jennifer said...

I might need medication to get through Stop Loss.

MrZ was hung up for hours at Metro last night, passing through from Milwaukee to NYC. Took two hours to de-ice the plane.

Was that a flying novice in go-go boots? Progressive!

fineartist said...

Offended? Oh hell no, priest and nuns can party ya know? Um yeah, one of my parish priests, you know they change them on us about every four years, about the time you get attached to them, he used to go out bar hopping with us back when I was in college.

He laid it down like this, "You're only sinning from drink if you get drunk enough to kill someone. Or if you drink rather than feed your kids, or fill your belly full of beer and decide to drive around...etc." He rode a bike everywhere, drunk bike riding can be a hoot. I miss him.

And yeah, f bush and this war!

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

How did I miss this?