Friday, March 07, 2008

May 29, 2008

I just saw the cover art. You can't measure the stoke.


fineartist said...

That cover is tight!

I'll have to check on Uncle Pants later, son wants to click around on the 'puter.

Jennifer said...

Uncle Pants's new episode is eluding me. I stuck 'im in my bloglines, but when he got bold and I clicked over, I landed on an old episode. This makes me all peevishly grumpy and stuff, because I really enjoy Uncle Pants, and I want the new episode almost as much as I want to invite him to dinner in July, when we're building a fire in the backyard and you're reading your story aloud while the rest of us cower behind our bottles of grappa (or whatever's handy that day).

WAIT!!!! That's a link! You linked the New Episode!

Gotta fly!

Jennifer said...


This is Uncle Pants?