Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Balsamic Explosion

This morning, I am all packed for my trip to Texas. I brushed my teeth, and went to get a baggie out of the pantry to throw the toothbrushes in the suitcases...


I smashed an entire bottle of balsamic on the top step leading to the basement. It exploded, sending a geyser of sticky thick vinegar down stairs. It landed next to thee cat, who had just eaten breakfast. She jumped three feet in the air, hit the floor, and immediately started throwing up.

I was left with a horrible mess to clean up, and a nearly depleted can of carpet cleaner.

Hopefully, all that's out of the way, and the vacation can go on without major catastrophe... 

Off to Austin!


Jennifer said...

I think Those Security Assholes (TSA) owe you a bottle of balsamic.

And I think little miss persnickitipuss should keep her opinions to herself. Last time anyone balked at balsamic 'round here, I sentenced him to five years if SlimFast.


fineartist said...

Next time you go looking for baggies I'll bet cha you'll flinch, just a little.

Be safe, have fun, be safe.

fineartist said...

And that cat will too.