Monday, August 27, 2007

Drying Out

Despite tornadoes and high winds in the area, we got through the storm pretty well. Better than others, anyway. A few blocks away, trees were ripped out of the ground, and not much further, people lost power for three days. TFN's sister ended up with four feet of water in her basement, as well as a host of fish and frogs who traveled with it.

Apparently, due to the storm coverage, they also bumped the broadcast of the Miss Teen USA pageant. That's a shame, because around here everyone missed seeing this firsthand:

I neither know nor care who won the pageant, but I am extremely grateful that Miss Teen South Carolina was able to confirm my suspicions about beauty queens.


Wisteria said...

How embarrassing!!! What was the question, anyway. Do you think she could locate South Carolina on a map? Thank goodness she wasn't from Mississippi!

Jennifer said...

Props to the emcee for not busting out laughing, peeing his pants, vomiting, or ... just ... you know ... slapping the stoopid bitch!




Frogs and fish? in basement flood waters? and TFN missed the photo op? and YOU aren't in your sister inlaw's kitchen mixing up a light tempura batter?

Apocalypse, now.

Jennifer said...

I forgot to mention before, that my very own mother was Detroit Edison's "Miss Heat Pump" in 1957 -- a beauty queen and one of the smartest women I know.

But that twit above is still ... I don't know ... VAPID.

Anonymous said...

Attack of the Show started a faux charity website for the "US Americans" who need maps. Such as like and.

fineartist said...

Oh man, I'll bet her parents were proud...

fineartist said...

My ten year old just watched this with me and he thinks she's high.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Mom forgot to prep her for that question. She totally unraveled.

"Any opportunity you have to mention helping Africans or Iraqis, you toss that in there and you'll definitely win..."

What would YOU have said?