Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The newest addition to our family

Nicole's new baby
Originally uploaded by alpharat
I'd like to welcome this lovely young lady to our family. She's TFN's new ride, and don't let her good looks fool you - she's tough.

You'll notice she looks a little uncomfortable in the photo. That's because she's sitting in the living room. She's claustrophobic and hyperactive. She hates sitting still and really hates being inside. Unfortunately, the weather has been less than cooperative.

Rather than criticize her claustrophobia or hyperactivity as flaws though, we choose to celebrate them. As soon as the weather breaks, we'll take her to environs more comfortable for her. I'll be sure to get a photo of her in a more natural state then.

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Jennifer said...

Oddly, she does not look at all tempted by red-hot sofa comfort, but still, one might suspect she is just rebellious enough to climb on for a naughty nap when the camera and the person behind it aren't looking.

I'd keep my eye on this one. Sweet, she is, but possibly full of mischief.