Friday, August 24, 2007

Weathering the storm

As I'm writing this, I have taken refuge. There is a wicked thunderstorm going overhead right now, and tornadoes have been sighted in the area. I'm hiding out in the basement with a cat and a very nervous dog glued to my hip.

Storms don't bother him, but he's used to lying in the dog bed while they pass. Picking him up and carrying him down the stairs (he didn't want to go) has him feeling like things aren't right.

It's amazing that, in this day and age, we can still be humbled by something like the weather. I'm hiding out in my basement while thunder crackles outside, and TFN's sister, who lives on a river bank, has water inches from her back door and they're waiting to see if the water will still rise.

Now the nervous dog has just thrown up on the tile. Nice. I think it's partly out of nervousness, and partly that he's not used to being carried, especially right after he's eaten. Ah well, off to get some paper towel, hope the house doesn't collapse while I'm upstairs...

Ok, we're back safe and sound and the tile is clean again. Where was I?

Ah yes, we get so cocky about our mastery of the world, it just takes something like the psychotic weather of the past week to humble us up a bit.

If the power goes out, A. I won't be able to access the Interwebs, and therfore this post goes bu-bye, but B. the big thing is that we'll lose the sump pump. Withouht the sump pump, the basement will take on water, especially with all of the rain we've had. Sister in law who lives on the river has FIVE! sump pumps, all laboring to keep the house safe. Power goes out, they're fucked.

It's 2007, we have electricity and the Interwebs and cable TV and Fruit Rollups, yet when a tornado is sighted, I may as well be a Neanderthal hiding in a cave, waiting out the rain. Then again, Neanderthals didn't have Youtube, and they couldn't watch things like this to weather out the storm...

What'd I tell ya? Cat-blogging! All cats all the time!

See you when the storm blows over.

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Jennifer said...

It's raining here, too, but without the light & sound show. Myrt,Freud & GBabyZ are moving to East Lansing today.

The cats got the ants out of their pants by tag-team varmint hunting in the woods last night. Rain or shine, blood-thirsty predation is job 1.

Zenzi dislikes rain & had to be dragged out the back door to pee this morning. In fact, she made a little trail of tinkle from the rug at the door all the way to her potty spot, she hates rain that much. She was so busy shaking the rain off that she failed to muster a poo -- not even a tiny little poo. And I stood there with her long enough to saturate my chamois shirt.

I'm wishing I had a doggy diaper because I have to prep a veggie platter and bake a casserole for a 21-gun salute memorial service pot-luck today, and the good-for-nothing self-absorbed poor excuses for puppy sitters I live with will NOT watch for the I-need-to-poo signs, and if she poos on the tile, they will say mean things, like "Dammit, Zenzi! What's the matter with you?" And then I'll have to scratch their eyes out for being poopy puppy watchers.

By 5:00 tonight I'll be rewatching this video a million times -- maybe with a few shots of Patron.

Stay dry!