Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It takes all kinds...

It's even better than when I saw Jackass 2 on opening night... tonight I'm seeing it at the Brew and View!

I am more than slightly stoked about that one.

I am a big Johnny Knoxville fan, so much so I caught the Dukes of Hazard last night, and I am embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed it thoroughly - at least the car chases and crashes, which was a decent portion of the film. (Although, in my defense, I was running a fever and massively doped up on cold medicine. That may have played a major role.) There was a definite Blues Brother homage going on. If you happen to catch it, make sure to miss about the first hour, though. It's better that way.

I still haven't shaken the disease that wages war on my frail frame, but that won't stop me from attending the Brew and View tonight. No sir. It may limit my consumption of the brew portion, though. We'll see.

There's some weirdness going on in my town. I'm not referring to the car horn that mysteriously went off on my street for about 10 minutes last night, although that was rather annoying. No, I'm talking about the guy who may be going to prison for life because he likes to have sex with mannequins.

Ferndale is a very liberal town; we have a thriving art community, a large gay population (and a recently passed human rights ordinance preventing discrimination against said population), we even have a boutique for transvestites, right by the local sports bar. So, a guy with a thing for mannequins wouldn't normally cause too much of a stir.

This guy is looking at life imprisonment because he's too cheap to buy his own mannequins. He has a history of stealing other people's from their stores:

Dotson was arrested Oct. 9 after police say he smashed a window at a cleaning-supply company to get at a female mannequin dressed in a black and white French maid's uniform. He had been out of prison for less than a week.

Dotson was arrested in Ferndale in July 2000 and later convicted for breaking and entering at a women's clothing shop to get at a mannequin in a pink dress with bobbed hair.

Ferndale police also arrested Dotson in 1993 after finding him in an alley behind a woman's store with three lingerie-clad mannequins. He also has similar convictions in Detroit and suburban Oak Park
. Story

It's too bad really. If the guy could have kept it on the down low, and purchased and partied with his own dummies, nobody would have known or cared. Instead he had to do this, and make a bad name for the many dummy-lovers who are probably out there, not hurting anyone, doing it quietly in the privacy of their own homes.

For the record, I am being proactive in case this incriminating photo shows up after I report on this story (and because ST hates it so much), this photo of ST and I with a mannequin is unrelated. She remains unmolested to the best of our knowledge...

Also, did you hear about the UFO that buzzed O'Hare? The FAA is dismissing that one, but I'm not so sure. Something was there, a bunch of people saw it. I don't know, what do you think? Could this explain lost luggage? Or the reasoning behind the fact that Delta Airlines charges you for drinks on their international flights!?!?! Take that, Delta, you cheap-asses!

Sorry, that's the cold medicine talking...

And because I'm feeling silly today, here are some silly signs from Italy...

Ummm... this guy is walking, not climbing...

Falling down the stairs area...

Run to the exit!


This one is... well you get it.

Heh heh, this one is just funny...

And, in case you're not sure what to do when you get in there...


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Person on the pot is pondering.
A little self reflecting sigh going on. Jon Stewart's, "Do you think I look pretty?"

In Italy, are there THAT many trap doors?

The dog is telling his human not to pick up poop with a beer cooler.

No left hands.

(got nothing for Exit)

Sure looks like fun, falling down stairs. Weee!!!!!!!!

*iPod just shuffled to U2, Rattle n Hum, and now I can no longer be snarky, which is too bad. I was looking forward to the mannequin thread of this post.
What the hell's that movie with that guy who drives a mannequin around, and only HE can see her alive? Dotson should take that defense. Even still, he seems to be a sexual predator, albeit of plastic women.
You and ST, however, seem to be perfect gentlemen.

Got up to put a pizza in the oven and lost my train of thought.


stray_thoughts said..., sorry to point this out WM, but the hard to think of title of that movie was...(drum roll)..."Mannequin" (wahnt, wahnt, wah).

We are perfect gentlemen btw.