Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Something Old, Something New

Friday night was an awesome visit out to A-squared to connect with a few very special people, known in this forum as Zilla and Writer Mom. We had a few drinks, and caught up a bit. (More on this meeting is here).

Saturday was on of those days that made me feel like I was in college again. We met up with a bunch of fellow Broncos at a local sports bar (the one a few doors down from the previously mentioned transvestite boutique) to have some beer and chicken wings, and to watch the Broncos play in their first bowl game for the first since the mid-1600s.

We watched the Broncos get beat down and have their asses handed to them, then watched them rally to bring it back to three-point game, only to blow it in the final seconds by missing the field goal that would have taken it to overtime.

After the game, several of us went back to our house for one of those lost Saturdays that were the norm in college. At that point, 9 hours of beer, pizza, video games and bonfires ensued. The day was thoroughly wasted; I can't think of a better way to do it.

Sunday was date day. The DIA was packed; it was the last day of the Annie Leibowitz exhibit, and tickets quickly sold out.

It was a beautiful exhibit of her photos of American musicians, including blues masters, country musicians, rappers, rockers, gospel singers and a few others thrown in.

Leibowitz has a knack for knowing the perfect picture; so many of her photos were taken before or after the actual shoot, when the moment was perfect. It was beautiful.

There was a room of Detroit musicians as well. There were unbelievably powerful pictures of Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, John Lee Hooker and a few more musicians with Detroit connections.

Then the show closed with the White Stripes. The photo didn't belong in the show at all. It was a goofy promotional photo from a Rolling Stone shoot I think. Whereas all her other images seemed to capture her subjects in private moments, when they were being themselves, this photo broke up the flow of the show. I can't help but think the folks at the DIA said, "Oh no, if you're doing this show, you simply must have a picture of the White Stripes!" It didn't fit, and it didn't belong.

After this thoroughly perfect weekend that made me feel all young and stuff, I had to wreck it by a.) smacking my hand of the dresser in the bedroom, messing up my wrist enough to wear an ace bandage for a few days, and b.) going to the dentist and finding out that an old filling has cracked and needs to be replaced with a crown.

I'm falling apart, and I don't feel as young today as I did this weekend.

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fineartist said...

I love that pic of Iggy Pop, what a hard body, and a hard face to match.

And Willie looks plum regal.

Crowns? Ace bandages? Our bodies betray us, the bastards. I want a new one, but instead I’m stuck with this vehicle that I didn’t take much care of when I was younger. Damn it.

I’m jealous, I’ve said it, and it didn’t hurt much; I want to hang with you fine people!

Xx, Lori