Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just some random junk…

The benefits of the iPod

I was just musing to myself on how much the iPod has really changed the way we use music. I think years from now, cultural history texts are really going to make note of that.

I used to go back and forth from home and the office with about 10-20 CDs with me, and never had something that matched my mood. Now, I have hundreds, and I can usually match my mood.

I blame it on a severe case of being a Gemini. I’m not moody, but I am fickle. I just pulled out my iPod, and I am currently flipping back and forth between Sonic Youth and I Object! That’s a wide range, and not albums I would have thought I’d be in the mood for this morning.

As far as new music goes, at Nicole’s insistence we bought Nirvana’s Nevermind this weekend. I never owned a CD copy of that record, just a cassette I played to death a long time ago. Goddamn that was (is) a great album! I miss them… and I unfortunately haven’t added that one to my Ipod yet, although I do have In Utero, and With The Lights Out, so I can get a fix.

Do you remember when they played on the MTV awards and Krist Novoselic knocked himself out with his bass? If you’ve not seen it, you must check it out. For those with short attention spans, it’s right near the end.

The benefits of wealth

My supply of Christmas socks is dwindling. I love new socks. If I were a millionaire, that would be my one rich man extravagence; I would put on a brand new pair of socks every day, and throw out the old ones. That would be my only eccentricity. The other things, like the vineyard, petting zoo, and monkeys trained to ride bicycles wouldn’t be eccentricities, they’d be necessities. There’s a difference, and once you figure it out, you’re free to come over to my house and pet the goats. Bring socks.

The benefits of super powers

As I was getting on the elevator at work the other day, I was watching the guy fill the ATM. There was a giant pile of money there, and it occurred to me that if I had super powers like Plasticman, I could shoot my hand across the hall and grab the money and yank it back in just as the door closed.

Then it occurred to me that if I did that, I’d become a supervillain, not a superhero. I didn’t like that.

You see, my powers can only be used for good.


Astroman said...

Odd coincidence, I also realized that we have no Nirvana on our iPods as well. I just found Bleach the other day but still have yet to plug it in. You should have called before you went out to get Nevermind because I should have a copy lying around somewhere.

Jennifer said...

Would it be ethical to adopt goats for the express purpose of lawn control? I've been wrestling with this issue for years. I hate having to cut the grass so often, and goats eat grass, right? And wouldn't they eat most of the contents of my recycling bins, too? I can see where a few goats on the property would be very useful, but then every time I see a goat and gaze into his or her hellafunky goat-eyes, I feel like smacking myself with a blunt object for the very idea of enslaving them. It would be like adopting a cat for mouse-control, and while a lower mouse population is a fine thing, the real reason for adopting a cat is that cats possess excellent conversation skills. I think I should hold off on goat adoption until my tainted soul stops wanting to enslave them to lawn and recycling bin duties.

alpharat said...

If you're adopting them for the purpose of lawn maintenance only, it might be a bit unethical. Then again, if you're providing them with a good home, consider the alternative.

How many people have you known that date or get married for simple reasons other than love? Or just for the sake of dating or getting married, rather than because they are dating or marrying THAT person? That's probably like getting a goat for the express purpose of lawn maintenance. It'd be better if he was a pet, too.

When we were in Scotland, it was not uncommon to pass farms where they kept giant flocks of sheep in the fields, and when you passed the house, they had one or two lambs in the yard of the house just for that purpose. I don't think they cared either way, but then again sheep are much dumber than goats.

When Mina, our cat, came to live with us, she was showered with love and food. That's why she chose to stay, 10 years ago. She lounges all day, eats a lot, and snuggles in your lap. She has a really good life, and doesn't protest when she's called into duty every couple of years to eliminate a mouse or two. It's a good arrangement for all involved.

And yes, her conversation skills are very good.

So, yeah, wait to adopt a goat until you're ready for the emotional bond. Otherwise, he's not a member of the family, he's simply an employee.

If you're never ready, you can come over and pet my goats once I'm rich. And they can come visit you to trim up your lawn.

fineartist said...

Oh dear Lord, oh man I’d imagine it would be difficult to pull off cool when you clunk yourself in the head with your instrument. Oh man, oww, concussion anyone?

I love socks too, and really wish I had a pair that didn’t have holes in the toes, or darning marks because they had holes in the toes. Oh if I could only find all of the mates to these socks I keep saving in my sock sack. I sort, I pair up and then I save the extras, in vain, every time, just thinking that if I do throw them out, surely the mates will show back up. I’m a sick woman.

We were going to get Samps a goat once. I'd like to have one, that way when phone solicitors call I could say, "Excuse me, I need to let the goat out..."

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

iPods, Nirvana, socks, goat, superpowers.


If I were rich, I would probably not have goats. Goats are a lot of work, and that means I'd have to have a goat keeper, and I'd feel guilty having someone on staff who took care of the goats.
"Who is that guy?"
"The goat keeper."
I'd have monkeys for sure. Monkey keeping sounds like a fun job for somebody else. And I expect a great sense of pride's to be felt as the monkeys ride by, helmets and knee pads, down the bike trail, chattering along. Not angry, though. Quite content.

A vineyard! Yes! I have this fantasy I'll live some place where wild romps with the hubby are had under the dangling grapes. Mid-day, picnic basket, no monkeys allowed.
Perhaps you were thinking you'd actually make wine with YOUR vineyard.

Goats eat old socks, so maybe you should have a goat, come to think of it.

Thanks for the Nirvana.
Thanks for using your powers for good.

Jennifer said...

My best friend growing up was a Gemini -- June 18.

I just came by to hear Nirvana again because Mr Z hijacked the (MY) iPod and I need something to drown out The Bangles, "Walk Like an Egyptian."

SOMEbody needs to figure out PLAYLISTS, doesn't she?

I have never knocked myself out with a bass, literally, but, figuratively, I think we all have. Or I hope we all have. Have we really lived until we've knocked ourselves out with a bass at least figuratively?

I think not.

What do you think?