Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Year In The Life...

Hmmmm... I'm not sure what to say.

I just realized that Kit Burns was framed! began over a year ago with a little inauspicious blurb, and then I just kept going. It's been a really fun year, and a really big year. I found a gig that basically consists of blogging and going out, two things I was doing anyway. I've made some wonderful new friends. My blog friends, you are people I consider colleagues, and I have come to greatly respect many of you, your writing abilities and your opinions. I consider you to be friends.

And to the people who read what I have to say, I just want to say thanks. I have ranted, raved and digressed, and many of you stuck it out to see if I would ever say anything of substance. I'm not sure that I ever did say anything of substance, so that means I owe you an even bigger dose of gratitude then, doesn't it?

So on behalf of myself, and all the staff here at Kit Burns was framed! (which is me), thanks, and cheers, and all that.

We now return you to the general madness.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

It's been a pleasure reading you.

Now where the H is your Cheers! post?? I was really counting on you and Stray Thoughts to participate.

stray_thoughts said...

wm - We might be able to get you one this weekend.

It's been a pleasure for me as well...even though I see you guys at least once a week, it's always a bright spot in my day when there is a new blog here to entertain and sometimes inform me.

Happy Anniversary...or Blogiversary or whatever.

Jennifer said...