Friday, January 08, 2010

Reclamation of the Rotating Mass: Preamble

From the Gospel:

For many days, the monkey who stood before all monkeys sat in meditation and silence, allowing only wine to pass his lips, for the wine was sustenance, and the wine was life.

After many days of meditation, the master awoke, as if from a deep sleep. And he was alone.

This made him angry, for anger was his way.

Where are my children? He called out.

But his children did not answer.

The master gathered his wits and his wheels and decided that it was time to go out and regather his children. For too long had he sat in silence, and it had been long since he was truly angry. With his children at his sides, the time was right again for wheels, wine and much rocking of the world.

And yet, when he approached to door of his house he was pushed back by whiteness, by coldness and by stillness. And this made him afraid.

And his fear led to much anger.

The master gnashed his teeth and beat furiously upon his chest, and willed the cold away.

But the cold was relentless.

And so the master retired to his home once again, to meditate upon the stillness.

“Soon,” he declared angrily, “soon this cold will lift from our land, and I will gather my children once more, and there will be wheels, wine and much rocking of the world.

This is my promise, for I am angry and I am monkey.”

And, across the world, his children heard, and they were not afraid. They became filled with anger, and they were ready.

And the world felt their anger. And the world was not afraid. It, too, was ready. Ready to be rocked.

A reading from the Book of the Rotating Mass
Previous readings are listed here and here.

Man, it’s only January and we’ve only had one snowfall, but I am already sick of winter and I miss my bike(s) desperately.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Not me. I've got a shitload of work to do just as soon as this coldness lifts.
First of which is digging up a leaking pump behind the back of the barn.
Then the sowing and the tilling and the weeding and the mowing and repeating it all the next day...

Deciding to reverse psyche myself this winter.

Have a banana. Have two bananas.
(Did I spell 'banana' right? I can never remember.)

Is this why we have no bike pictures?
I shall scroll down.

Jennifer said...

Do you use trainers? I know it's no substitute for a real course full of baby heads, but I'm just curious. My CycleOps is on the porch waiting for me to tighten some nuts and hop on -- I'm a little scared.

Now, there's a sentence so bad it defies editing!