Thursday, January 07, 2010

How can I bring you up to speed when I'm not sure what the speed limit is?

The masses have spoken. Dogs are better than cats. Personally, I like both my pets, but in general I have to agree. So, sometimes the masses are right.

Looking back for a moment, this is a video from my favorite album of 2009, We're Counting On The Youth by New Tomorrow. Seriously.

They're a band with a great sound and a great message which is great, because we need some good messages right now.

Also, they have never - NEVER - played in Detroit. Fix this, guys.

So far this year is a little scatterwonky and confusing on the workfront and the lifefront, but I think I mean that in a good way, in the sort of way that chaos is setting things up for what will be a good thing. TFN has a new job, and I have started out the new year accomplishing things.

For one, the producers of the TV show Hoarders were getting in touch with me. While I am not one to shy away from publicity in any form, this is one that I really think I didn’t want to get involved in.

So we cleaned our bedroom.

I’m not talking about a dust and vacuum, either. We took the contents of all the drawers, the chest, the closet, everything in the room, and piled it on the bed. That way, before we could sleep, we had to handle each and every article of clothing we owned, fold it or hang it, and make the decision if it needed to be kept, tossed or donated.

This is the first time we’ve done such a grand purge in a long time, and we generated three garbage bags of clothes to donate.

Then, on cue, Purple Heart called and asked if we had anything to donate. Funny how that plays out.

I also, as I have hinted, got my hands on another bike. It’s pretty, and I will have photos soon, but right now it’s still in the back of my car. It’s a late’50s/early ‘60s Hawthorne Hercules, and I love it. It will look good alongside TFN’s Schwinn, which is currently in pieces, getting refurbed.

TFN got the Julia Child cookbook for Christmas, and two recipes in, I have to testify to Julia's genius.

We, of course, like everyone else, got interested in Julia after seeing Julie and Julia. I was positively infatuated with that film. One, it's an excellent film. Two, Julie reminds me of someone I cook with on a regular basis, someone well known for saying how much she hates our tiny little kitchen, how it's impossible to cook in it, but yet turns out some amazing dishes.

What else? I am already sick of winter. I am looking forward to March’s annual trip to Austin. I have several hundred photos from the past year that I still need to upload.

So yeah, really I just want to bring you guys all up to speed in as fast and furious a way as possible, without saying too much, I guess.

I have a lot of hope for this year. Like the whole world, things are in limbo, but I got a good feeling this is the year it happens.

This is the year it all happens.

Whatever "it" is.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Congrats to TFN on the new job.

I KNEW we were leading parallel lives. Right down to dumping shit on the places we nap and rest to force us to deal with it.
I'm worried the momentum is running out, though. Damn second week of January. We were making such fantastic progress. I had visions of getting this whole place shipshape before the sun comes back, and now clutter's creeping in again.

We have three dogs and one cat, and the cat is pissing me off nightly because he hates litter boxes, hates doing his business in snow, doesn't like the mature cat catfood Tom bought him, doesn't like to see me SLEEP, apparently.
This is the worst of my problems, so I'm pretty stoked.

Found out that Jack's a great chopper. About to post some pics of both kids helping me make one of Julia's white cream sauces. Mincing shallots and mushrooms. I got so I hated cooking, but now that I know the kids like to help, things will be changing.

I've got a good vibe about 2010, too.
My goal is to go back to being myself.
That's what 'it' is to me. We'll see.

Jennifer said...

Just finished watching "Julie and Julia."

My mom said, "You'll forget Streep is Streep," and she was right.

My mom gave me MTAOFC when I was in my 20s. I made Boeuf Bordelaise for my dad's b-day, a couple of months before he died.

I suspect TFN probably expresses love in many ways; clearly, making good food is one of them.

I think we should get some lobsters and cook some thermidor together.