Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's all rubble and rubbish

Short post, but it's worth noting that an overpass on I-75 collapsed less than a mile from my house last night after a tanker exploded. Miraculously, nobody was hurt, but the expressway is closed for now, and who knows when the overpass will be rebuilt.

Today, it's revealed that a guy who was driving two fast veered into the tanker and caused the whole thing. One guy caused this massive destruction because he's a douchebag. I can't get to the nearest Kroger to my house because this guy is a douchebag. Seriously? I hope they kick his ass, put him jail and make him pay for the new bridge.

Honestly, just knowing that he singlehandedly has made my commute hell for the foreseeable future and messed up daily life for so many people simply because he's an idiot drives me nuts. Idiots should never be allowed this kind of power. Idiots should not be allowed out of their yards without a leash.

In other, unrelated news, punk rock has entered the world of organized crime, I love my new bike and so do the ladies, and the movie The Blob seems to be coming true.

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Jennifer said...

I have not done the links yet.

Just wanted to say, I hope they kick his ass, put him jail, make him pay for the new bridge, AND make him buy your groceries for the next fifteen-to-twenty.

Are you sure he's not a douchenozzle? I'm thinking it's pretty clear he's a nozzle, which is the ugliest, scariest part of the whole (unnecessary) douchecontraption.

I love reporting from the feminine hygeine aisle!