Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Amanda Palmer!

I got an email from the lovely, talented Amand Palmer. Yesterday was her birthday. She said that all she wants for her birthday is for me to share a video with you. Any video. As I have shared many with you already, the next one I should post here is the wonderful, controversial video for "Oasis." This one has actually been banned in the UK. It's funny, if a little lacking in the taste department.

I was even going one-up that and tell you all to go out and place graffiti in her honor for her birthday, to, wherever you could, write the following words:

If you see Amanda Palmer on the street, kill her.
That way she'll live forever.

Then take a photo and send it to me. But that's not a legal tribute, so I won't.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Palmer.

Photo © TFN

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