Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Tossers

The last show we went to was Flogging Molly (and they totally whipped ass with a belt), and tonight it's the Tossers.

It seems that this year we are squeezing all the Irish we can out of the days surrounding St. Patrick's Day, seeing that we will be on a plane to Austin on the day itself.

Flogging Molly was packed, and I assume the Tossers will be as well. Irish punk bands seem to be one of the few industries that do better as the economy does worse. Granted, the local outlook may be bleak and most everyone may be out of work, but that just makes it more worthwhile to get drunk and dance sweatily and raucously with a bunch of strangers to songs that are about doing just that.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...


So long as all the drunk people around me aren't old enough to be my kids.

Jennifer said...

How many pints in a fifth? How many fifths in fifteen pints?

And he could sing like that the morning after?


Now, you kids have a nice time, and if you need bail, you have my number.