Friday, March 13, 2009

The Might Stef

The TossersSo the Tossers ruled, just like we knew they would (the photo is just a quick snapshot I took on my phone, nothing compared to the shots TFN grabbed). The place was packed and smoky and sweaty, just like I guessed. And the music was the type of music that fosters a sense of community in even a bar full of strangers.

The added bonus was the Mighty Stef, who opened up.

Stef is a combination of Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Nick Cave and Joey Ramone, and his music runs just as wide a range of sounds.

And, he's a cool guy. This tour is taking his band down to Austin for SXSW (where they will be playing an exhausting run of NINE shows in three days!), and we have plans to meet up next week.

This trip is looking better and better.

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Jennifer said...

I just told MrZ to cover his ears for a sec...

then I nudged him and told him to listen and he wanted to know why I'd had him cover his ears at first...

then I made him watch the Tossers video (he couldn't follow the lyrics, but he understood the general mood)...

then we chatted a little bit, and after a little bit of chatting he said, "Oh. We could have gone to SXSW."

and that's when I smacked him, which is really weird, as I'm not normally the domestically violent type.