Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is Amani. Amani is a baby aardvark who was born at the Detroit Zoo in December.

The zookeepers are waiting on blood tests to find out if Amani is a boy or girl yet, so don't feel bad if you weren't sure either when you looked at this little bucket of cute.

Amani is more important than you realize, because this little lump of snuggles represents Detroit making national news with a story that has nothing to do with a failing auto company or the worst football team of all time.

Any time we can get that, we're blessed.

Welcome to the world, little one.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

'lump of snuggles' indeed.

Yay! Detroit seems like a fantastic place to live again.

Jennifer said...

I've been meaning to ask if you stopped by the auto show to check out the Volt, and if so, what your thoughts are? But now I can't ask that, see, because Amani has completely stolen my heart and I no longer care about anything else in the whole great big entire world.

Um, so, why are they having DNA tests done to identify Amani's gender? Is there a genger-specific aardvark request from some other zoo?

At what age is gender identification of aardvarks possible, and why can't we wait that long?

I think Amani will share her/his gender when s/he is ready, and until then, we should just adore her/him for her/his unsurpassable SQUEEE Factor.

It's a good thing PetSmart doesn't sell aardvarks. I'd have dozens of them!

Word verification even thinks Amani is "choiese!"