Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

So, yeah, we're back from Ireland, and it was positively brilliant. Photos and video will come soon, as we get organized, but I wouldn;t hold my breath waiting for it, as this thing called Christmas is sneaking up, and there seems to be some things that need to go with that.

But tonight, I am positively giddy, because we will we be seeing the talented, beautiful, positively manic Amanda Palmer play tonight!

If you've paid attention to posts here over the years, she may look familiar. She's the lead singer of the Dresden Dolls and the leader of the punk cabaret movement, whom I professed to having a crush on way back when. She's playing in a tiny little theater here in F-town, and we're going.

While we have been traveling the world as of late, TFN is putting me to shame this weekend when she jets off to Cancun. I am jealous simply based on the fact that I am not ready for winter, and it's cold and yucky here.

In the news 'round here, the person responsible for the hit-and-run death of a cyclist that I mentioned a while ago has been charged. Innocent and proven guilty and all, if she is the killer, not only did she hit and kill the cyclist, she then drove to a drugstore and crashed into a parked car to cover up the damage. If she is the one, I'd like to see her get the book thrown at her (story).

That's the nutshell for now. We're back, we're safe, we're busy and Amanda Palmer rules.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...


Don't know where to start.

Welcome back!

Cancun!?! (Damn, I'm jealous.)

Song was awesome.
Wish I had the lyrics, though.
I'd try to sing it as a Christmas carol.

alpharat said...

Lyrics have been emailed to you, Ange.