Thursday, December 04, 2008

Meet the Labbit

This is the Labbit. He's our new traveling buddy. His favorite things include car rides, extended time within carry-on luggage, and smoking in nonsmoking areas.

You can see some of his adventures in Ireland here.


Teacher Laila Chris said...

Found your blog through Zilla's and Lori's. I am going to Ireland in a couple of days and I'll spend a few days in Dublin. I loved the Labbit photos and I hope I get to have as much fun as he did.

Jennifer said...

Hi, up there, Laila Chris! How's things in Brazil?

I rove the Labbit. After your flickr pics, I spent at least an hour perusing various Labbits ... I'm off to write a letter to Santa.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

He doesn't look much like Gerard Butler, but I'd still make out with him.

Teacher Laila Chris said...

Hi Zilla! I am doing just great. Things in Brazil are quite awesome, although I've been tired as hell and I can't wait to have my so well deserved vacation. I'll be flying to Europe in 17 days... hehehe in my head, I sounded like Samara: "SEVENteen DAYS!" Woo-hoo