Thursday, September 04, 2008

Making serious decisions...

I'm getting political today, so I first wanted to share this video that Against Me! (the same guys behind "White People For Peace") produced for Rock the Vote. I think it's really important, because it points out that when you step into the voting booth in November, what you're really voting on, and it's not Obama vs. McCain. Believe it or not, that's not what this election is really about. There are much bigger ideas at stake.

Politics is gettin' real thick around here. For one, the Governor is holding a hearing right now to remove Detroit's mayor from office, while at the same time, he is expected to go into court this morning to enter a guilty plea.

Why would he finally plead guilty after waiting so long? Because there is apparently a deal on the table right now that if he pleads guilty and resigns, he can look at reduced jail time. If the governor removes him from office, that deal is no longer on the table and they'll nail his ass to the wall.

Personally, although I'd love to see him go to jail, I really would just like to see him out.

Granted, the new boss is most likely going to be the same as the old boss, but hopefully, there will be so much scrutiny from now on that the corruption that has plagued this city for a long long time will be reduced.

Moving on, I want to mention a little bit about Palin, and what a colossal mistake I think she is.

First off, I'll lay it out in the interest of self-disclosure so you know where I'm coming from. While I am all over the range on a lot of issues, I am a social liberal, and these social issues are issues that I think trump over my decisions. I believe human rights supersede economic issues, and that environmental are prominent as well.

As such, I was not voting Republican. Even so, man did they eff up. She just wasn't a good choice, and everyone seems to know it.

I'm not going to attack her for having a pregnant teenage daughter; shit happens, and that's really not anybody's business except her family's. They'll deal with it, like families have forever. Even so, it doesn't seem like the best display of the "abstinence only education" that Palin advocates.

It just seems like little or no examination of her background happened, like she was a last-minute choice made with little or no forethought.

"Wait, you know what would be great? Let's offset the groundbreaking nature of Obama's campaign by choosing a woman to fill out our ticket!"

"Great idea! Who should we pick?"

"I don't care, a woman should be home cooking, cleaning and making babies anyway..."

Sorry, that was a social conservative stereotype I need not have made, but it's my blog and I'll do what I want.

I also, and I'm speaking way off the hip here, because this is so out of my realm, but I can't understand how a woman could be in favor of surrendering choice regarding her own body to the government. Again, I have no background or basis, just personal beliefs.

And the last thing I'm going to say about Palin (for now anyway, and then I'm done trashtalking the poor woman), is that, even though it contradicts what I said before, she has a 5-month baby with Down Syndrome. I think, as a parent of an infant, whether or not it had a disability, a public office is the last thing I'd want to take on. Typically, I guess that's partially a reason why our presidents have been older. Four or eight years from now, should the 'Publicans get elected, and if they somehow have managed to not start a global war that has us all dead, will she look back and regret missing time with her little ones? I think I might.

But you, know, that's just me, and it's not my place to say, even though I just said it.

I hate talking politics, as much as I hate talking religion. It's not that I don't care about them, I do deeply. It's just that I don't feel like it's any of my business to force you to hear my beliefs, and I don't need to hear yours. I am going to vote with my conscience; I will vote for what I believe in. I will practice my spiritual beliefs in a way that is personal to me, and that's that.

At the same time, man, Palin was a bad choice.

OOOOOH! This just in:

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will spend 120 days in jail and pay $1 million in restitution. He pleaded guilty this morning to two counts of obstruction of justice. He will serve 5 years of probation and announce his resignation immediately. Full story here.

It's looking good today.


Jennifer said...

I hate politics. I'm not typically political. The last thing I want to read about anywhere is politics. The second to last thing I want to read about anywhere is religion.

So, what am I doing here, right now, visiting your blog?

I'm popping the top off a chilled bottle of L Mawby and celebrating Detroit being one baby step closer to its ultimate resurrection!!!!!


alpharat said...

L Mawby is my favorite, and the day truly warrants it.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

I'm listening to Dora the Explorer instead of the above so that Pickles doesn't yell, "MOM! I'm doing my preschool! Can you turn it down, please?"

Just found out last week that Pickles can read Dick and Jane. You should have seen her face when she realized she can decode. She's been studying her letter sounds for weeks, and then it just happened. The reading. I've been there twice now for that revelation, and it's as cool as the first step and the first words.

Best job in the world.
Probably because I had a choice in the matter.

Now we're all dressed up, waiting for the boys to get home from Cub Scouts so that we can go to the grocery store together. She asked if she could wear my special 'styles' (my make-up) and I let her put some clear vitamin enriched lip gloss on, so she's feeling quite grown up, which is cute, but dang...she's my baby. Growing so fast.

I don't like to talk about politics or religion, either, but as soon as Palin was selected, this overwhelming fear took over me, and I realized that being quiet and uncomfortable gives off the impression that we're apathetic and uninvolved. Also, that we're easily influenced, or just plain wrong in our beliefs.
The squeaky wheel gets their candidate elected, so I guess I'm gonna have to start squeaking.
Glad you are, too.
Glad you got the Detroit mayor out and reconstruction can begin.

*Off to the market with my little BFF, now.
Hope the day's stayed L Mawby worthy for ya.

fineartist said...

I get all crazy when I talk about politics, and then people recognize me for the tree hugging bleeding heart liberal that I am and then they write me off as hopeless and incurable, because I live in a nest of bible thumping republicans, but-a I vote every chance I get and I keep up on the information that's flooding us, and I have hope that things will turn around.

I love it when you speak about politics, mostly because I agree with every word you write, and that's just refreshing.

Green tea said...

All of you Rock! can make enemies talking politics, but sometimes it is worth it.
This is one year where I wish all bloggers who are Social Liberals would speak up.
The thought of McCain being able to choose the next 2 or 3 Supreme Court judges should shock any of us right out of our quiet little homes. something!!