Friday, July 25, 2008

News of my departure is premature...

Actually, we are headed to the beach first thing tomorrow in the AM, because tonight we just found out that Scott H. Biram, the dirty old one-man band, is in town.

Scott is a native of Austin, Texas and an incredible performer. We see him at least once when we're at SXSW, and usually more. He also falls under the category of great musicians who are also really great people.

Seeing this guy on stage is absolutely insane. Here's what I wrote about him on my other Web site after seeing him for the first time:

Scott H. Biram is a character. Or should I say he's a caricature? Either way, he's interesting, both in person, and on stage.

He's probably the toughest guy I've ever met. In 2003, he was hit head-on by an 18-wheeler at 75 MPH and still played a month later - in a wheelchair, with an I.V. dangling from his arm, two broken legs, a broken foot, a broken arm and a foot less of his lower intestine - and he still managed to tear the club apart.

The guy also exudes coolness, in a backwater sort of way. He's friendly and personable but you always are pretty sure you don't want to cross him. We met him backstage, where he was quite mellow and friendly. He chatted with us briefly and introduced us to his dad, who was there for the show and was just as personable.

When he took the stage, it was quite obvious from note one that he had taken ownership of the club, and wouldn't tolerate any lip. He seemed to channel a host of old blues musicians, honky-tonkers and punk rock legends all at the same time, and the crowd took notice. He played a set that was heavily charged and full of nervous energy, despite the fact that he remained seated the entire time, and while you were seeing this guy crank out these sounds with your own two eyes, you couldn't escape the feeling that you were simultaneously listening to them played on some old 78 records you found in your grandfather's attic - after his house had been possessed by an evil spirit.

Seriously, he's great, and we're going to see him tonight. I'm stoked.

Then... THEN... it's off to the beach. I swear.


Jennifer said...

I think I'm in lurve with this guy and I'm envious you're going out to see him tonight.

You have such interesting observations of the musicians you get to meet, but I especially enjoyed the analogy in the last few lines of your review.

Green tea said...

You know about back in the 60's you might have found me in a bar like that..good stuff..