Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's like waking up...

Music for the moment: "First Day of my Life" by Bright Eyes

It's really one of the most perfectly written love songs - the sort that sums it all up perfectly. And I've been listening to it nonstop today.

TFN is coming home today.

It's a few weeks early, but she's home for good now, if a little worse for wear.

She got into a confrontation with a cattle grate, and the grate won.

The result was 20 stitches.

She'll be OK, but while I've yet to see the damage firsthand, from what I understand her career has been effectively ended. Her career as a shin model, anyway. She's still going to do the other stuff she does, just no shin modeling. Shin modeling never paid well anyway.

I think she'll adjust OK, though. It's not the first time she's run into this sort of setback. A few years ago a surgery ended her career as an ankle model.

She's still got a perfect pair of elbows, though. Anybody know a good agent who handles elbow models?

So, yeah, I of course didn't get any of all of my projects done, but I missed her and she's coming home today.


Jennifer said...

Hope your reunion is as lovely as this love song.

Healing vibes to TFN's shin. Nobody will ever notice the scar, as her smiling eyes are mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Prayers for swift and complete healing for TFN.

I know you must be thrilled that she is coming home.

fineartist said...

What a delightful song and video. It left me misty and smiling. Thanks.

Welcome home TFN, your man has missed you!

Anonymous said...

my favorite love song EVER.
oh, and i feel like i need to see nik's gory leg.