Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On U.S. Soil Again...

I'm safely home. Ireland was wonderful.

I'll probably have more to say of it soon, after my jetlag wears off and my life gets back together. For now, though, I wanted to mention that we're going to see TFN's boyfriend Nick13 again tonight.

Also, her gallery show is going swimmingly. I have many photos to share with you soon. Just not now.



Angeline Rose Larimer said...

You were in Ireland!?!

Welcome home, then!

Cannot wait to see the photos.

Jennifer said...

I'm enjoying this track.

The Fabulous Nicole is a very complex woman.

Was that a juicy, red heart in that plexi-glass box?

Please don't tidy up the AlphaManse before posting pictures from your trip. It would only upset the bowl-dwelling kitty, and an upset kitty might reset the canine internal alarm clock to 7am, and when you're not out of bed at 4am to let Shane out to tinkle and to tempt the sun into rising, the sun is too lazy to complete its onerous task.

Must not to mess with a good thing.