Friday, May 23, 2008

RIP Robert Lynn Asprin

I just found out that Robert Lynn Asprin died yesterday. When I was much younger, he was one of my favorite writers, especially for the Thieves World series that he edited.

Thieves World was a really innovative concept. Essentially it was a series of fantasy novels (11 of them) full of interconnected short stories all written by a ton of great authors. The innovative thing was that as each writer created a new character, other writers would use those characters to expand the story and move forward. It was an entire world created by a bunch of different authors, held together by Asprin overlooking it as editor/god.

Once I heard he had passed, I remembered how much I enjoyed the summers I spent with his books, and went on Amazon and ordered the set (used, it was around $20 for all of them - shipping included). I want to see if it holds up to my memory.

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Jennifer said...

I just hate it when people die like that, especially when I have no idea who they are.

Just last month, or maybe it was in March, I was having lunch at a white tablecloth $100+ for three people for lunch kind of busy-ish place, when suddenly my girlfriend burst out with the news that she'd just found out her favorite porn star had died.

Her boyfriend said, "Yeah, TWENTY YEARS AGO, he died!"

(Apparently wasn't around twenty years ago, or my girlfriend really needs to ditch her dial-up for DSL or broadband, or this couple is too shy to rent post 1988 porn -- I'm not sure which.)

And it was all just so sad, because we were having lunch, and my ill-mannered friend was shrieking (LOUDLY) at us about death, and porn, and I don't happen to be inclined to actively seek out either of those things, but what are you going to do in a situation like that?

Does amazon sell Ron Jeremy?