Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tired... AKA Rachael Ray is The Bomb

There has been considerable hemorrhaging of money out of our bank accounts as of late; in addition to all of the recent expenses, like the new furniture (which is arguably not a necessity, but you should see the state of the old furniture), we have purchased 12 tires in the past month.

Each of the cars needed a full new set, as did both of our mountain bikes. Again the bikes may not seem like a necessity, but we put so many miles on them on such adverse terrain and they were wearing smooth and slipping and were no longer safe. Besides, four mountain bike tires at the deal I got do not add up to the price of one automotive tire, so even as a luxury, it was minor one.

You expect so much more out of a big purchase than you get with a new set of tires on your vehicle. It seems anticlimactic. Granted, the cars are no longer hydroplaning on the flooded sections of road that are all too common right now due to excessive rain and sub par road construction, but it just feels like they should be doing something… more.

Additionally, the television died this morning. There is sound but no picture. It’s a 10-year-old set, and is due for replacement, as were the tires. But combine that with the fact that my car started making funny noises, we need a new roof this year, and also really need new siding and windows, and it looks like the flood of money outward won’t be ceasing in the immediate future.

Where am I going with this? I don’t know. Partly it’s a rant about the fact that everything seems to go at once. Partly it’s an observation that there is good reason that we’ll be staying in a lot in the foreseeable future (both to curtail spending and to enjoy recent home improvements). And partly it’s an opportunity to express my love of Rachel Ray.

(Bear with me, this goes somewhere)

I love Rachael Ray. I love her shows and her personality. She seems like the type of person that would be really fun to hang out with, and even more fun to cook with. It’s not a simple crush, mind you (which is why I avoided using one of her pinup shots from FHM with this, but they are readily available on the Interwebs if you are so inclined to find them), so much as a feeling that I think she’s incredibly awesome. Over the past few years, she has turned us onto such great dishes as her 30-minute Salisbury steak, herJambasta and just the other night, her Root Beer Bomb.

The Root Beer Bomb is essentially a root beer float with the addition of spiced rum. She calls for butter pecan ice cream, but we’ve been doing it with vanilla. I had never before considered the addition of rum to a root beer float, but it adds a little special something that makes staying at home on a hot summer night just a bit more bearable; it’s a decadent treat that is perfectly suited for sitting at home, watching TV (which I need to replace).


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Talk about anti-climactic purchases...we just got a water pressure tank.

I'd much rather get a red couch and bar stools...and matching dining room chairs, and a nice dining room table, and rugs! and a cleaning crew and a HUGE ASS MOWER to mow this yard and while I'm at it, a really dependable old Ford pick-up truck so I can hang my arm out the winder and tootle around with shrubs and sod...

Instead, I just made a phone call leaving THIS message:

"Hey. It's me. Can you pick up some butter pecan ice cream and root beer on your way home? And damn if I'm not hungry for Salsbury steak tonight."

What's weird is that I saw an iced coffee commercial with Rachel Ray in it, and asked my sister who she was. My sister, another Gemini, knew exactly who she was, and I felt quite embarrassed for assuming she's on the cast of Desperate Housewives.

Your birthday's coming up, ain't it?

Jennifer said...

Cap'n Morgan's, or Bicardi? DAMN, it's hot up here!

So glad you've got it bad for Rachel. If it were Sandra Lee you had a thing for, I'd have to slash your new tires and rub peanut butter and tuna on the new furniture to make sure Miss Mina and Shane could enjoy them properly. And I'd have to use Jif, instead of the real, unsweetened, hydrogenated oil-free stuff, and I'd have to use Chicken of the Sea instead of fresh ahi, because Sandra Lee wouldn't have it any other way.

Do we get couch pictures? Ever? Maybe?

fineartist said...

I came in to leave you a belated birthday chant, then I got into this post, very emotional thing, buying tires. I do hope your birthday was kick axe though. (June 13th?)

TIRES, bummer, wheeze. When my ex husband and I divorced, as he walked out the door he said, "You need new tires." I swear he snickered when he said it.

I'd probably been needing them for a couple of years.

I had NO IDEA how much tires cost. If I had I would not have been riding the breaks so much, or running over sparkly things, and hitting curbs when I parked, nope.

I love the way you told this piece of your life, you made me smile and laugh all through your story. You know it's a gift to be able to see the light in the dark, and that root beer bomb float, does sound like the bomb.