Monday, March 12, 2007

St. Patrick Comes Early To Motown


In a few hours, I'll be on my way to Austin and SXSW, but before I go, I wanted to share a few photos of Detroit's St. Patrick's Day parade (AKA the day they suspend the open intox laws).


Just remember, no matter what planet you're from, you're Irish on St. Patty's Day!


And even the Buddhists turn out to pay respect to the Saint.



All our friends turned up, including the Millionaire.


And this guy was representing my Alma Mater. It made me proud. Go Broncos!


Have a great holiday everyone. I'll update from Texas if I get a chance!


Anonymous said...

Wow i like the Boba Fett getup looks really cool and green! I wish you can upload pics from Texas too I wonder what it's like down there on St. Paddy's! Have a good one.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

All I hear about these days is Austin, TX, ever since you mentioned SXSW. Even Lance Armstrong peddling sport music on iTunes/Nike+ was going on about the music scene in Austin...

I'm so psyched for you!
And making it my goal to go next year. With purpose even (meaning, perhaps I'll write a script and wear a Bobba Fett costume while handing it out to film folk? You think that'd work??)

These pictures are really great. I'd have been so smashed.
I do so love green beer and Star Wars.
*That's such a fantastic portrait at the bottom there. The colors, the expression. Seriously! I'd have been too shy. You've got the skills.
(Skills? I'm a dorky Star Wars fan.)

ron st.amant said...

ok...I can 'maybe' buy that the jarwoks (was that there name Ange? Shell's asleep or I'd ask her...I married a Star Wars encyclopedia...)anyway...'maybe' those guys...

but there's no way the Fett is Irish. "Fett" is clearly someone of a Austral-Asian decent...I'm guessing Kiwi.

Now if they had written Boba Fett as Baba O'Fettley...then, and only THEN would I buy the Fett as a son of the erin isle. So clearly he's passing...or just has a back log of Kiss Me I'm Fett buttons and they only work on drunk parade denizens.