Friday, February 09, 2007

Living the Dirty Life

Once again, lax at posting. I don't really feel apologetic this time, though, and I'm not 100% sure why.

I've been living life a lot lately. This is surprising, due to the fact that we're also in the grips of an arctic blast right now that makes me not want to do much more than hibernate.

Somehow, as of late, I have managed to combine hibernation with some other stuff. There were some monster trucks.

And there was a "dinner" at Luna's house. I use dinner loosely, because while there was food (her husband, who I don't have a cutesy nickname for right now, is an excellent chef who had a spread of Spanish Tapas out for us), the festivities lasted until 8:30 the next morning.

Luna is a good friend that we lost touch with for a few years due to us all being young and dumb. I am really glad we're all friends again. She and Nicole are fabulaous together.

My one disappointment is that there were six of us, yet only 10 bottles of wine were consumed. We chould have done 12 easily, so some people weren't pulling their weight. I can honestly say it wasn't me, because I felt like a train had hit me the next day.

Speaking of The Fabulous Nicole , she is in the Dirty Show again this year (that link is NSFW). It opens again tonight, and is always a wicked raunchy good time. Pictures from last year (also somewhat NSFW) can be found here.

So we'll be spending much of the weekend getting dirty. Wish me luck.


Jennifer said...

Who is not made all the more fabulous in the presence of The Fabulous Nicole?

I'm glad to see you guys are all kinds of dirty -- in weeks past, during this weekend, and in days to come. I feel better now that you've updated. Not that everything always has to be about me feeling better, but, I don't know, I'm hell-bent on selfishness these days. So thanks for making me feel better, even though we all know you just wanted to show the world some dirty.

(and don't forget that one thing I mentioned before
, however inappropriately, 'cause I do want to help :-) )

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what's fabulous.. Mister T! I love it.

I guess we're gonna have to make it down next weekend, we've done a lot of sleeping and nothing (I guess it's that hibernation you speak of). That and avoiding noise.

Anonymous said...

Get dirty, have fun, enjoy the wine.

Life must be lived - don't just exist, don't find yourself wishing you had done more in those last moments...

Go Alpharat Go!