Friday, April 30, 2010

The Book Is Out Today!

So yeah, I don't post here so often anymore, because I am always at my other home on the Internets, but I just wanted to let you all know that the book came out today!

Punk Rock Saved My Ass features a chapter by yours truly, and the cover and interior photos from TFN! Plus, it's for charity. $1 from every copy sold goes to Gilman Street.

I also discovered that Amazon has some copies of the last book I was in for sale, even though it was only released in the UK.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Obviously I don't fairy much any more.

What's happened to us???

Good things, looks like.

Great for you guys!

And just to be cheeky, you'll find my name in the acknowledgments of this book:

That's as published as I've gotten.

Keep on being awesome!

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Is Kit Burns still framed?

Anonymous said...

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