Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Questions...

Question 1: Does anybody read this thing anymore?

If you do, please comment below this post, anonymously is fine, so I can take a tally. I am evaluating my online presence, and something's got to give. It may be this site, you know, unless people do still come here.

Question 2: WTF is up with PETA?

I've been to Seattle twice now, and one of my favorite places is Pike Street Market. They have tons of wonderful food, and it choice for people watching, too.

And they also have these guys:

These are the guys at Pike Street Fish Market. It's one of the best places to get fish in the city, because it's by the water and very fresh, and it comes with a show. Last time we went, we brought back a ton of salmon on the plane, packed in dry ice. We ate it when we got home.

Now it seems that PETA wants to make these guys stop throwing the fish, because it's "disrespectful to creatures that already have gone through a lot," and that "tourists would not be nearly so eager to snap photos if dead kittens or gutted lambs were sailing over their heads."

Now, I'm a big advocate of animal rights. I own two rescued animals. There is just a line between being humane, and being a psychotic zealot. These are dead fish. They were killed to be food, they are not trophys and they're not going to waste, they are on their way to somebody's table. Does it really matter if they fly part of the way? It's like saying that I better not flip those burgers too energetically on the grill, as it's disrespecting the cow that made them.

Seriously, choose your battles. Fight against euthanasia of homeless dogs and cats. Fight against inhumane factory farms. Fight against cosmetic testing. Fight against anything that causes undue pain or stress to animals. Don't bitch about a fish that catches some air on its way to the kitchen.

This is why people think you're psychotic, PETA.


Cody Banning said...

I gotta agree. I have two rescued pets as well, and foster from the local shelter when I can. PETA is ok most of the time, but sometimes they go overboard. Just wow. I must agree with you about the chick from Twilight as well. It's almost as bad as when they picked Hayden Christiansen to play Vader,I mean, Anakin.....

Astroman said...

What if they were throwing flying fish? Would they consider it an homage to the majestic lives of those noble beasts?

Anonymous said...

I still stop by, maybe not as often, and I don't comment so much. I've noticed things falling off a bit around here, the place could use a new coat of paint and the window treatments look a bit dated, but I'd miss it if it were gone. Your perspective and insights are greatly appreciated. On the other hand, I understand this isn't your first priority and if cuts need to be made to the schedule it might need to go.

As for PETA, it's this type of hyper-sensitive bs that has reduced them to a late night punchline. It's a stupid thing for PETA to campaign against, but it's a high profile stupid thing, so it seems the people at PETA are willing to stoop for a little press...again.

Besides, we all know fish don't have feelings anyway.

-Stray Thoughts

Anonymous said...

Are they going to go after the grill chefs at Benihana for inhumane treatment of shrimp next?

This is why I don't support PETA.

And yes, I come here to read yr blogginess.


Jennifer said...

I just Wiki'd PETA, because although I know what they stand for, I could not remember what their acronym stands for.

PETA should see the way the Michigan State Police treat crime scene corpses (got a relative in the business; you don't want to hear about it, trust me).

I've been a shitty blogger for months now. Part of it is that so many of my "staples" have kind of trailed off in order to pursue other things, and those who linger, frankly, have nothing new to say.

I'm not sure I have anything new to say, either.

What I enjoy about your writing here (as opposed to your writing there) is that the subject is often a surprise and your take on the subject is always honest, frequently humorous, and tends to make me think.

Come to think of it, reading here is sort of like our brief and infrequent get-togethers IRL: you never fail to bring something to the table, some big or small observation or insight that keeps the dreaded but not inevitable stagnation of middle-age at bay. I appreciate you and TFN for that, and I'm sorry, but understanding, if it's not quite reciprocal; relationships are best when they're reciprocal.

MrZ doesn't read blogs, but feels the same way about the times we've spent with you. You'd be surprised what comes up later -- what influence you have on his take on the world.

As for fish, specifically, I suppose I am heartless. I was taught by the aunt and uncle who taught me to fish that what matters at the table is freshness. This means heating the pan or grill and beheading the fish while it's still flopping, rather than knocking it out or killing it first. Then the tail and fins come off, then it is skinned and filleted, and, really, even if your doctor says NO, butter is better than oil for frying, but grilled fish is to die for.

The fish, even while flopping, just does not give a damn. Ganglion is only capable of impulse and reflex; anxiety and fear are the curses of a more developed brain.

If you quit posting here, maybe avail yourself of FB Notes? I enjoy your music related posts a lot, but would miss your observations of things not musical.

Anonymous said...

i (julie) stop by once in a while as well, especially when i only see you once every 8 months :) it makes me feel like it's not so long between visits...

Anonymous said...

:::waving from way over here:::

I still stop by! Not as often as I would like, but I'm still around - and glad to see that you are too!

BTW, I'm also glad to know that they still throw the fish down at the market in Seattle. We lived there for a couple of years when I was a teenager, and it was one of my favorite places to go.