Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not a bad view. Not at all...

Not a bad view
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This is what I stare at all day when I'm working at my desk. It's really not a bad deal, because it's rather conducive to creative thought.

Then again, sometimes it's a bit too conducive for daydreaming.

I wouldn't trade it though, and I've had much worse. The absolute worst was the duck pond.

Once, at an old job, I was promised a view of a pond with ducks. After the new workspace was set up, they made a mistake. Not only would I have had to crane my neck to see the duck pond, but the cube wall climbed so high it obscured any window view.

Keep in mind that was the same job where, after making cutbacks and letting a ton of people go, they put in a pool table. The pool table was right outside the president's office, and nobody was allowed to use it, because they should be working. So this pool table was just a testament to how poorly run the company was, a beacon that proclaimed "look what the recovered salaries of your fallen comrades has brought us. Look, but don't touch."

Most depressing pool table ever.

I'll take this view, though. I like it.


CrackerLilo said...

That is a beautiful view!

I wish I could say I was stunned by the pool table story, but I'm really not. Did anyone "accidentally" spill a drink or throw up or something on it? I'd have been tempted.

Phaedra said...

I remember using the pool table once. But of course it was after hours, when my team was working late. The president, of course, was long gone.

And don't forget all the glass conference rooms.