Monday, November 17, 2008

Laying an old friend to rest...

I said good bye to a dear friend and traveling companion this weekend.




West Seattle


Me in Dublin




Europe 2007_72.JPG

Traverse City:



train station and beer

Old Blue, my favorite hooded sweatshirt, was put to pasture this weekend. He'll still be assuming the role of "designated bonfire sweatshirt), but his deteriorating condition will prevent him from traveling with me anymore. I got a new traveling sweatshirt this weekend, who'll be traveling with us to Ireland next week.

Watch for photos of us in action!


ron st.amant said...

Old blue hoodies never dye, they just fade away

Jennifer said...


But, but, but.


Gosh, this is hard.

Just tell me the decision was made between the two of you, and that it was mutually agreeable, and that there was no spousal pressure (she wouldn't, would she?) involved.

(I hate retiring favored fabric friends. It feels like ... betrayal.)

alpharat said...

No, it was just time.

Cuffs are not supposed to have thumb holes.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. Remember the good times, and know that Blue Hoody will always be a part of you...

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

My college marching band sweatshirt, which is now three times larger than it was fifteen years ago, begs to differ about the thumb hole cuffs, and just clutched my entire torso in fear she'd be next.

'There, there, red sweatie.'

I hope you're happy now.
She doesn't want me to ever come back here.
(Maybe I should start considering putting her into a home. She's getting a little clingy.)

alpharat said...

Don't worry all, Old Blue isn't really going anywhere, he just won't be traveling as much.

My dog doesn't like long walks anymore, either. We just let him lie around then. This is similar.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you will bring Old Blue somewhere again. Maybe to someplace new in the distant future.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I kept unknowingly looking at the scenery in the pictures not even paying attention to what you were wearing. Then I read, "Old Blue, my favorite hooded sweatshirt..."

THAT made me laugh. :-D

fineartist said...

Bonfire hoodies are the greatest, they smell like bacon, and we all love bacon, right?