Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The lighter side of teenage pregnancies...

Somehow, and this is a record for me, I have managed to see another movie - and it was good! That makes like two movies in two weeks, both of them good.

The latest was Juno. See it.

I know, you're all like, when did this guy become a movie recommender, right? I know!

But it's good. It's a feel-good movie about a pregnant teen, if you can imagine. It's smartly written and it has a soundtrack that's so good, I bought it on my way home from the movie that day.

One of my friends thought it was too hip for its own good. I felt it had the proper level of hipness. He also confided that he wasn't crazy about Knocked Up, though. I think he has baby issues.

Currently, I'm reading The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman. It's basically a book that entails everything we've done so far to the planet (and points out the things that we've probably already irrevocably fucked up), and what our legacy would be were the human race to disappear, completely in a poof, tomorrow.

Some things would be fine. Manhattan would crumble into the swamp fairly quickly, and a lot of urbanized area could probably revert to a wild state relatively fast, but there are other things that we've done, well, that there ain't no fixin' gonna happen.

One scary stat I picked up: Except for the small portion that has been incinerated, every bit of plastic that has been manufactured in the 50 or so years since we started doing so still exists. We're talking about more than 1 billion tons of plastic. It hasn't gone anywhere. All of those plastic grocery bags? In a landfill. Or a storm drain. Or more likely, in this 10 million square mile place in the middle of the Pacific where currents have caused plastic bags from all over the world to collect and swirl.

Doesn't that scare the (insert deity that you feel is a part of your being, or an expletive - for most of us, it's interchangeable in this situation) out of you?

I didn't mean to, but thinking about crap like this has made me greener, really focusing on reducing conspicuous consumption. I was never bad mind you, always somewhat environmental, but I am now even focusing more on stuff like taking my own canvas bags to the grocery store.

Anyhoo, sorry to be a downer, but it's what I've been thinking about, although if any of you were to use the "h" word in my presence, I would hit you. so. hard.

Also, I'm missing my bike. Will this winter never end?


Jennifer said...

A friend watc?ed t?e Al Gore movie and decided ?e was making it all up so s?e continues to buy water in plastic bottles & carry t?em out to ?er SUV in plastic bags. I kid you not. "?e's lying. ?e's making t?is stuff up. Science supports none of t?is. All democrats are liars. And t?ere is no way I'm switc?ing to tampons wit? biodegradable cardboard applicators because t?ose f___ers PINC?!"

Now, t?at's a downer.

Looking at a problem and t?inking of a way to ?elp, even just a little bit, is an upper. You're an upper, s?e's an upper, ?e's an upper, I would like to be an upper, too.

Totally freaked out by the "?" word t?reat. If not?ing else, I've avoided getting ?it so ?ard today!

fineartist said...

Zilla's so clever, and I am so wondering what the H word is...Hitler? Homo? homicidal? Hugger of trees? Help and old gal out here. And I would never refer to you as any of the H words above except for hugger of trees, btw.

My daughter told me I HAD to see this show too! If it's anything like the trailer, I'm all over it. Please tell me they didn't use up all the good jokes in the trailer...

Anonymous said...

The word is "hippie". There, I said it. But Alpha is not a hippie...he bathes too regularly and gets his hair did.

Juno is really good...really, really good. That's all I can say. And all the good jokes weren't used in the trailer, but the movie has a lot more to offer than jokes.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

I love Jason Bateman.
I wish I could spend the day bantering with him while I do all my green shopping and recyclables rinsing.
"You were saying, Jason?" as I hand him a trowel to dig holes for me.
Or as I load his arms up with canvas bags.
...oil him down with olive oil based karma sutra products...

Michael Cera's getting hotter, too.

And this is why there are too many humans on the planet...ruining it with plastic tampon applicators.

*I bet you and ST are just like an episode of Arrested Development when you get together.

fineartist said...

Oh, wow, I take being called a hippie as a complement, and I always tell folks that it's a myth that all hippies were dirty, some weren't, some were.

But I'm kind of old. A meso hippie, that's me. Too young to be paleo, too old to be neo.

I suspected that movie would be more than just funny...

fineartist said...

And for the record I meant homo as in sapien, heh.

fineartist said...

I wanna take my dumb comments back, but obviously not enough to hit the little trash can icon.

Are comments recyclable?