Monday, December 31, 2007

Penny on the Sill

I hope everyone is prepared to rush headlong into 2008 in the most manic yet safe way possible. I know I am.

Originally, we had planned a New Year's Party for the Misfit Toys, a gathering where all of us who hadn't gotten around to making plans, didn't want to pay to go out, etc. could all get together for drinks, Guitar Hero, and watching the ball drop. In fact, originally when I took a poll of all my friends it seemed like nobody had made plans or knew what they were going to do.

As the year waned, however, it seemed like all those misfit toys with no plans started to find plans, and had something better to do. So our quiet, boring gathering idea was tossed out the window.

TFN and I are instead heading down to the Eastern Market to see Impercept play in a loft. It should be fun.

Before I sign off until next year, though, I wanted to relay a bit of superstition given to me from the K&A faction over beer and greasy food at Honest John's last night - If you put a penny on your windowsill today, it will ensure that you have enough money in the new year. It won't make you rich, but it will give you enough.

Really, isn't enough all we're really looking for?

So TFN and I put our pennies on the sills this morning. You should too.

I hope you all have a fun, safe holiday, and no shortage of someones to kiss and hug at midnight! And here's to all of us (raising an imaginary glass, although there will be many real ones tonight) - may all of us have enough this year!


Jennifer said...

This morning I wrote a check to my dentist for over $2500.00. I also took my dentist a bottle of fine single malt scotch and a bottle of locally produced champagne, as well as a bottle of locally produced champagne for his assistant, because they came in during their Christmas/New Year's vacation to put Moose's mouth back together after a 13 year old girl punched him in the face (not his bad, this time). Appreciation expressing bevies: $90.00. While Moose was in the chair for three hours, I replaced the worn, crappy, standard tires on the Accord with sweet as hell all-weathers for $480. After that, I picked the Civic up from the repair shop: $287.00.

All expenditures came out of my rapidly shrinking personal account because, although he doesn't complain, I'm sure MrZ gets tired of paying for shit.

We're staying in tonight and I'm getting sauced ($10), but not until I put a penny on the sill, because the dishwasher repairman is due here on Friday -- $75 just to get him in the door.

I think maybe I should resolve to get a "real" job in 2008, but that would so totally put a bug up my ass.

Wishing everyone, especially you, healthy teeth, naked feet, reliable cars, and operable appliances for 2008!

fineartist said...

Do I need to put pennies on every window sill? Do they need to be heads up? Would an old penny be better at bringing enough or would it simply signify that they penny putter was old? Can I borrow a penny, as I can never find one when I need one, or does it have to be my penny?

Am I full of shit or what?

Heh, I am so excited, I am going to party with the dogs tonight, oh goody goody, and I mean that, I'm stoked. The dogs being a local band. The man is staying home to sit with the youngest son, he says he's doing it so we don't have to find a sitter, but I know he's doing it because partying with the dogs is taking place at a country club, oh gasp, and he's a snob in reverse order, or he is tonight anyway. I suspect he just wants to sit at home, get drunk and watch some car show on tv, whatever, I, on the other hand am tickled shitless to be going out. Doo dee doo dee doo, gonna dance with a hole in my stocking! xx

I am thinking 2008 is going to be something to write about! And of course I'm wishing you enough this coming year and all manner of good fortune!

Angeline Rose Larimer said...


Probably not effective a week and a half late, right?
Can we have enough starting in February?
Because back to your point about Resolutions and January 1st...unfortunately, my astrological chart did not coordinate January 1st with 'everything's gonna be super duper if you get off your ass.'
My first real good day isn't until the 25th, I think.
So. I'll put the penny on the sill on the 24th.

And I thank you for your time while I worked all that out.