Friday, November 16, 2007

Sid and Nancy World Tour 2007

Sid and Nancy
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We're off on our world tour, to a Paris that has ground to a halt, then onward to Florence to see Z!



Angeline Rose Larimer said...


(Stomping of foot, holding of breath, etc.)

Just 'cuz I like you so much, am I even capable of leaving a comment.

Guess who doesn't ever check her gmail account!
The offer still stand for the writer's group?

I hope you had a lovely time with the Z's. I'm sure you did. How could you not? The Z's in Florence (okay, squelching green envy)

Travel safe.
Can't wait to see the pictures.

fineartist said...

You guys really managed to convey the demeanor of sid and Nancy.

I'll never be able to get Nancy's voice out of my head, or at least Cloe Webb's from the movie, gads, it was hideous whiny, made me want to claw my ears off my head. Ya know?