Friday, October 19, 2007

A boyfriend and some girlfriends...

Let me introduce you to TFN's boyfriend.

This is Nick 13. He's the guitarist and lead singer for Tiger Army.

We're going to see them tonight.

I am pretty stoked, even if TFN has a crush on him.

That's not really fair to do, though, so in the interest of equal time and humiliation, I will present you with some musicians who have, at various times, been my girlfriend.

Amanda "Punk Cabaret Is Freedom" Palmer (Dresden Dolls)

Next up, we have Kathleen "The truth ain't pretty like a pretty little girl like me" Hannah (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre), and Kim "We can still be friends" Gordon (Sonic Youth, Free Kitten). This video is actually Sonic Youth (there's a shortage of quality Bikini Kill videos from that era), and Kathleen is the girl with dark hair and pigtails bouncing around (That's right - we got two for one with this video).

There are a few more, but I made you look at enough video for one day.

Ah well, this was supposed to be a deep and poignant post on the nature of having crushes on celebrities, but I instead spent a lot of time watching videos with these ladies in them...

Who have been your celebrity crushes?

Also, if you are at home tonight, and you're into reality shows (two strikes against me), check out that American Band show. Local band the Muggs is one of the contestants. Very talented musicians, very cool guys.


Jennifer said...

If you're going to watch videos with ladies in them, then you picked three good ones. I am, however, going to rewatch the video with the gentleman in it. But only because you didn't post a video with you in it. Which, wouldn't that be fun? Why, yes. Yes, that would be fun.

I've had the same celebrity crush since I was seventeen. What does THAT say about ME?


Have fun!

Jennifer said...

PS: Nick 13 has very powerful-looking teeth.

fineartist said...

Mike Granda from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, he's the base player and makes the chicken calls in Chicken Train. I was once asked to party with them after a show, I was rendered dumb and dumber from the close proximity. I imagined he and I made sizzlin eye contact, you know, because I was rendered too dumb to talk, he probably thought, "Creep alert."

Todd Rundgren, T Rex, and of course Peter Frampton. x